Fish may be in trouble as ocean oxygen levels drop

Posted on 9 June 2023 By Jordyn Johnson

Global warming is increasing ocean temperatures and decreasing oxygen levels in the ocean.

ocean oxygen levels

Research ships have found that the Bombay Duck, a fish species off the coast of south-east China, has boomed in number. The University of British Columbia fisheries researcher Daniel Pauley says ‘it’s monstrous.’

Pauly explains that the reason for this mass increase is due to extremely low oxygen levels in the water. Fish species that struggle with low oxygen levels have fled in contrast.

Although many people are happy with the influx of Bombay Duck, as it is completely edible, ‘researchers expect many places to experience a decline in species diversity, ending up with just those few species that can cope with the harsher conditions.

‘Lack of ecosystem diversity means lack of resilience. Deoxygenation is a big problem,’ the BBC reported.

ocean oxygen levels

World ocean oxygen levels have decreased by more than 2% between 1960 and 2010, and are expected to continue declining by up to 7% in the next century.

Warmer, less oxygenated water will hold fewer fish species, as well as stunted and smaller fish. Further, more greenhouse-gas-producing bacteria will thrive in this kind of environment.

Researchers are urgently calling for more research to be done on the subject.

Pictures: GettyImages

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