Interesting Easter traditions across the world

Posted on 31 March 2024 By Louise Bell

While South Africans celebrate easter with church services and the warm embrace of a hot cross bun, what is the rest of the world getting up to? The period of Easter is an important Christian holiday and with the world’s unique tapestry of population and cultures, there are distinct ways they commemorate this wonderful day.

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Are you excited to learn more about the quirky ways the world celebrates Easter? Take a look at a few unique practices and offbeat traditions across the globe.

Throwing clay pots in Corfu

This Greek island is usually characterised as a tranquil vacation spot, but their Easter custom might provide a jump scare for unsuspecting tourists. On Holy Saturday, Corfu residents throw clay pots filled with water out of their windows and balconies.

It is believed to ward off bad spirits and many gather around to watch and celebrate this smashing spectacle at noon in the town centre. If you happen upon this celebration, grab a piece of the remnants as many consider this brings good luck and fortune to its keeper.

Flying Kites in Bermuda

This fun practice is celebrated throughout the Easter period, but Good Friday is the main day when you’ll see plenty of homemade and colourful kites dot the sky. At Horseshoe Bay Beach, the Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest takes place, which allows visitors to enjoy a variety of Easter activities and treats on the premises.

Eater Bilby in Australia

As rabbits are considered an invasive species in the land down under, it’s safe to say that bunnies are not an adorable Easter symbol in Australia. A chocolate bilby is rather consumed, which is a native animal that resembles a rabbit.

The funds collected from selling chocolate bilbies are usually used to support anti-rabbit campaigns to protect the surrounding environment. However, you’ll still find many Australians enjoying chocolate bunnies (some traditions die hard).

Easter bunny hunt in New Zealand

As in Australia, rabbits are a big problem and are known as an invasive species in New Zealand. In Alexandra (in Central Otago), however, they have an interesting method to celebrate Easter and minimise this pest problem in the farmland area.

The annual Great Easter Bunny Hunt takes place in the Easter period. This event has a cash prize for the individual who shoots the most rabbits. The hunt has a team-based structure, which makes this an unlikely social event for this holy holiday.

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