Joburg Festival of Beer brings the best brews to Jozi town

Posted on 23 August 2013

Here a beer, there a beer, everywhere a beer beer!

Childhood nursery rhymes aside, if you’re a beer lover (much like my friend in the mirror) you’re going to want to get yourself down to the Joburg Festival of Beer this September. That’s right, the über-successful Cape Town Festival of Beer is hitting Joburg for the first time and believe me, it’s not to be missed. Let them keep their mountain – we want their beer!

Johannesburg Festival of Beer, South Africa

With so many different  beer festivals flooding our timelines daily, it’s difficult to decide which ones are genuinely worth going to, right?


How does 150 of the best microbrewers, megabrewers, craft beers and home brews sound to your taste buds? The festival will give you a chance to try out and take home the absolute best in brewing. More importantly, you’ll be able to take along that one friend who insists that ‘all beer tastes the same’ and leave with your head held high.

Johannesburg Festival of Beer, South Africa

The organisers of the festival recently held a small beer tasting session to give us an idea of the  quality of some of their wares. Weiss beer with salmon, Pilsener with beef tartar – wine snobs were put to shame! The sheer quantity and quality of the brews will turn the occasional beer drinker into the ultimate beer connoisseur.

From the palest ales to the most luscious lagers, you are not going to be left wanting at the Joburg Festival of Beer. Of course the day will also be filled with live entertainment, beer judging and probably a few awesome drunken moments, so keep your phone on hand! Oh, and be sure to try the CBC Amber Weiss and Jack Black Butcher Block Pale Ale – two personal favourites from the tasting.

Ingest some liver tonics, book a driver and get ready to drink yourself into a stupor. The Joburg Festival of Beer takes place from 6 – 8 September.

Click here for more info and to get your tickets to the Joburg Fest of Beer

Happy drinking!

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