Camping recipe: how to make breakfast in a bag

Posted on 4 March 2013

Try an omelette in a bag for a super easy (and delicious) camping breakfast. You can use whatever leftover braai meat you have, veggies such as mushrooms and peppers, and grated cheddar or crumbled feta.

Camping recipe - breakfast omelette bag



Serves 1

  • 2 eggs
  • Chopped fresh herbs
  • Leftover braai meat, finely chopped
  • Grated cheese
  • Salt and pepper
  • A Ziploc bag

Crack the eggs into the Ziploc, add salt and pepper, seal and shake. Add the remaining ingredients and give it another good shake. Bring water to the boil and put the Ziploc into water. Boil for seven to 10 minutes until eggs are set.


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