9 of South Africa’s favourite camping recipes

Posted on 22 November 2021

We asked South Africans across the country for their favourite camping recipes. While many cited fry-up brekkies as their favourite camping nosh, some of the more cheffy-types liked to cook up a Thai green curry or even a chilli-chocolate fillet.

But at the top of your list were all the good old classic camping favourites like potjiekos, beer potbrood, one-pot stews, and pap en sous. Here they are (with a gourmet twist or two).

1. Chicken, mushroom and biltong potjie

A twist on the old favourite – chicken potjie – with the addition of biltong.
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2. Beer potbrood

All you need is a couple of ingredients and a standard sized cast-iron bread pan with a lid.
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3. Ziploc breakfast

Try an omelette in a bag for a super easy (and delicious) camping breakfast.
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Image from www.notmartha.org

4. S’mores

This simple but delicious treat makes for a perfect camping dessert.
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5. Cowboy stew

A great way to cook up leftover braai meat from the night before.
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6. Aubergine parmiginino

If you love vegetarian camping food, try this delicious Italian dish.
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7. Bacon, mushroom and thyme sauce with pap

A twist on the tomato relish usually served with pap, best made in a flat-based cast-iron pot.
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8. Sesame chicken skewers

Easy and delicious marinated chicken that goes exceptionally well with rice.
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9. Lamb bunny chow

A South African favourite, and perfect for making on a camping trip.
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More tasty camping recipes we loved

For a delicious Mexican dish, grill corn on the cob on the braai, cut off the kernels and toss with fresh avo, coriander, diced chilies and lime juice. – Kirsten Getz, Cape Town

Cut a butternut in half and clean out the pips. Poke a few holes in the butternut and drizzle with oil. Place crumbled feta and olives in the cavity, wrap with tinfoil, place in the coals and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Bon appetite or, as we say in

the bush, ‘Born up a tree.’ – Inge Olivier, Klerksdorp
For the best steak marinade, combine Knorr’s Meat Marinade with chutney, Coca-Cola, Worcester sauce and salt. – Cisca van Niekerk, Centurion

I love vetkoek dough rolled into small balls, topped with brown sugar and cream and cooked in a flat-based potjie. – Marthinus Lamprecht, Witbank

My family’s favourite camping recipe is a spicy vegetarian meal, which is dead easy to pack for (all in tins) and takes about two seconds to throw together. All you need is a tin of Indian-style tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas, a tin of lentils and a tin of coconut milk. Open the tins, chuck the contents into a pot and heat. It’s really good with brown rice and, if you can manage to take along some fresh coriander in your camping box to add once it’s ready, it’s even better. – Marnie Steffny, Cape Town

Recipes, styling and photography by Michelle Parkin. 

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