Our favourite summer picnic recipes

Posted on 27 November 2014

Picnics are definitely one of the best things about summer: what could be more enjoyable than lying on a colourful blanket under dappled shade, and lazily nibbling on a spread of treats like you’re a Roman emperor? (Bonus points if you can get a friend to wave a fan over you.) We’ve put together a list of all the recipes you could possibly need for the tastiest picnic ever: from dainty salmon pinwheels to peppadew-feta muffins, from old-fashioned lemonade to picnic-proof salads, here’s how to put together your own cornucopia!
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Finger food

Southern-style crispy chicken drumsticks

Watch the eyes of kids and adults alike light up when you bring out these crunchy, juicy drumsticks. Don’t be afraid of the fact that they’re baked: it’s much easier, and you don’t have to sacrifice any of the crispiness for health. (And you could always deep-fry if you really wanted to.)

Get the recipe here

Southern-style crispy drumsticks picnic recipe


Mini steak wraps

This is a great idea for  making steak go a long way, if needed: and the longer you leave it in the lemon-thyme dressing, the tastier it will be.

Get the recipe here

Picnic recipe: mini-wraps with lemon-thyme steak strips


Feta, peppadew and caramelised onion muffins

This is a versatile (and forgiving) everything-but-the-kitchen sink recipe, because you can customise it with whatever tasty snippets you have on hand. Although this combination of sweet, salty and spicy is hard to beat, you could try it with bacon, spinach, or parmesan too.

Get the recipe here

Picnic recipe: savoury muffins


Mini sausage rolls

The ultimate finger food isn’t just for cocktails! These sausage rolls are a great addition to any picnic, and there’s a very nice smug-kitchen-wizard feeling about making them from scratch.

Get the recipe here

Mini sausage rolls picnic


Spicy baked falafel with tzatziki

These are crunchy with a spicy bite, and very easy to make: you absolutely have to serve them with the tzatziki, though. You could put them into these mini-wraps as a vegetarian alternative to the steak strips.

Get the recipe here

Picnic recipe: baked falafel with tzatziki


Smoked salmon pinwheel sandwiches

These dainty salmon pinwheels are a great way to gussy up the standard picnic sandwich, and the combination of horseradish and dill is an absolute winner.

Get the recipe here 

salmon pinwheel picnic sandwiches


Mini bacon and mushroom frittatas

These mini bacon and mushroom frittatas are essentially muffin-sized crustless quiches. They’re a perfect size for a picnic and, like the muffins above, you can add in whatever bits and bobs you have around, like feta, sundried tomatoes, peppadews, peppers and herbs.

Get the recipe here


Breads and tarts


Tomato and fennel bread

This is made using store-bought bread dough, so all you have to do is mix in some rosemary, lemon zest and fennel, and other delicious ingredients, and whack it in the oven. Couldn’t be easier!

Get the recipe here 

Fennel and tomato bread picnic recipe


Artichoke, feta and lemon bread

Looks fancy? It’s really not. Like the recipe above, this bread uses store-bought dough, so you can avoid the “letting rise in a warm place” and the “punching down”, and get started with the eating a few hours earlier.

Get recipe here

Artichoke, feta and lemon bread picnic recipe


Spicy vegetable savoury picnic loaf

This loaf is based on a Yotam Ollenghi recipe, and is closer in texture to a crustless quiche than a bread. Delicious!

Get the recipe here

Spiced savoury picnic loaf


Marmite tart

This is like a gourmet version of a cheese and Marmite sandwich. Marmite is one of those polarising ingredients that you either love or hate, but the less-enthusiastic might be converted by the subtle cheesiness of this tart.

Get the recipe here 

Marmite tart picnic recipe


Tomato and basil tart

Cut up into slices, this is a very popular nibble at any picnic, and is super quick and easy to make.

Get the recipe here

Tomato basil tart picnic recipe


Spreads and dips

Mushroom pâté

Garlic, thyme and creme fraiche combine to make a delicious pâté that tastes like creamy mushroom pasta in a jar.

Get the recipe here


Potted pork belly

A meltingly tender dish of slow-cooked pork belly, shredded, combined with mace, pepper and salt, packed into a pot and sealed with butter. This is the tastiest thing you’ll ever spread on a piece of bread.

Get the recipe here


Nasturtium and macadamia nut pesto

Picking fresh nasturtium leaves and flowers is one of the best things about spring: you don’t have to feel bad because they grow profusely and aren’t native to South Africa. The peppery leaves are toned down in this pesto with buttery macadamia nuts and very little garlic, and it’s a delicious alternative to the tired basil option.

Get the recipe here
Nasturtium and macadamia nut pesto


Potato salad

Everyone’s got their favourite twist on a potato salad recipe: some folks are passionate about the inclusion of hard-boiled eggs (shudder) while others say that the key is roasting the potatoes, not boiling them. This recipe’s secret weapon is nutty, buttery, roasted garlic, and it’s a life-changing addition.

Get the recipe here 

Roasted garlic potato salad picnic


Watermelon and feta salad

This is one of the easiest salad to throw together: but the combination of salt and sweet, creamy and crunchy, is more addictive than the sum of its parts. It’s a perfect picnic recipe because it can take more bashing than a leaf-heavy salad, and can withstand a fair bit more sunshine too.

Get the recipe

Watermelon, feta and rocket salad picnic recipe


Sunshine salad

Red onion gives some bite to the buttery hunks of mango in this simple salad: and doesn’t a sunshine salad sound like the perfect thing for a picnic?

Get the recipe here

Sunshine salad mango picnic


Sweet treats


Nectarine and almond tart

Nectarines are the sweet, juicy rockstars of summer fruit. Once you’ve overdosed on eating them straight out of the box (with juice on your chin and your feet in the pool), this beautiful tart is a must-try. Roasting the nectarines kicks their flavour to another level, and with the sweet, nutty base, it’s a picnic dessert classic.

Get the recipe here

Almond and nectarine tart


Chocolate and coffee muffins

The easiest chocolate-coffee muffin recipe ever: and the knowledge that Cadbury milk chocolate is Fairtrade is a great justification for making them as often as possible.

Get the recipe here. 

Picnic recipe: chocolate coffee muffins


Red velvet cupcakes

This recipe is worth making for the cream-cheese icing alone: when you couple it with an easy recipe for one of the most popular cupcake recipes ever, it’s a double whammy.

Get the recipe here.

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing


Classic old-school lemonade recipe

This is the kicker: old-fashioned lemonade. Sweet, tart, and tasting exactly like summer, you shouldn’t even bother with the whole “picnic” idea if you’re not bringing this with you. Don’t let the kids drink all of it: you could add a sneaky shot of gin for the grown-ups too.

Get the recipe here

Picnic recipe: classic lemonade

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