7 prime tips to keeping your sandwiches super-fresh

Posted on 27 July 2017

We know how frustrating a soggy sandwich can be after a long tiresome hike or drive. To help solve that problem, we have just the right tips to help ensure your sandwiches remain super-fresh for your next trip.

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1. Avoid salad

Lettuce wilts to become seaweed-like in texture. Tomato slices leach juice that bleeds into bread. Keep your sandwich as dry as possible by eliminating the fresh stuff.


2. Centre the condiment

Dot it at the heart of the sandwich, between two layers of cheese or meat, to prevent it seeping into the bread.


3. Think bite-sized

Avoid big chunky shapes (like pickle slices) that will fl ap out of a sandwich and onto someone’s lap. Instead, chop fi ne to make a relish or embed in the butter.


4. Butter up

Butter the bread slices edge to edge to ‘waterproof’ against any moisture in the filling. Make butter work harder by adding flavours, such as finely snipped chives or biltong dust.


5. Choose loaves wisely

Spongy white will squash and wholewheat can crumble. Sourdough and sourdough rye have longevity and provide the framework for an architecturally sound sandwich.


6. Consider the ratios

You know that sturdier breads are easier to eat when sliced thin and an overloaded sandwich will fall apart. So think about the ratio of bread to filling for both flavour and structural integrity.


7. Match filling to bread

Meat and cheese can stand up to a robust crust, but a soft filling like egg mayo will squeeze out the sides and prefers clinging to a fluffy supermarket white.


This story first appeared in the April 2017 issue of Getaway magazine.


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