The Baubax Travel Jacket: the best travel jacket ever invented

Posted on 31 August 2015

The Baubax Travel Jacket. We think it’s the best travel jacket ever invented. We dare you to disagree.



The Baubax Travel Jacket is designed to eliminate the need for carry on bags by incorporating 15 clever features into a stylish jacket. Want proof it’s the best travel jacket ever invented? How about the over $7 million it raised on Kickstarter making it the most-funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding.

Baubax Travel Jacket - Men

Baubax Travel Jacket - Women

The jacket is available for men and women in four different styles – a fleece, a waterproof, a business blazer and a cotton jersey – and in several colours, but all have the same features. These are our favourites:

  • Built-in inflatable neck pillow that inflates in two seconds and sneakily hides inside the hood of the jacket.
  • Built-in travel eye mask that’s built inside the hood.
  • Built-in gloves that easily slide in and out of the sleeves.
  • Pocket blanket.
  • Microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses, camera and other digital screens.
  • The zipper that’s also a pen.
  • The fact that we can cruise onto a plane with nothing but a boarding pass.


The ‘Koozie Drink Pocket’ is the only thing we may not take full advantage of, but this nifty jacket has plenty of pros to keep our eyes peeled.

Baubax Travel Jacket - Koozie Drink Pocket
Baubax Travel Jacket - Features


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