7 tips to make you a happy camper on the next trip

Posted on 20 February 2024 By Savanna Douglas

Ah, camping. The great outdoors, the fresh air, the bugs…wait, scratch that last one. While camping can be a wonderful experience, it’s not without its challenges. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 useful camping hacks to make your next camping trip a little bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable.

Repurpose an instant coffee tin into a mini stove

Who needs a fancy camping stove when you’ve got a coffee can? To create an instant mini stove with a can, first thoroughly clean and dry the can. Then, use a sharp knife or scissors to cut several evenly spaced ventilation holes near the top. Fill the can with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. Ignite the alcohol carefully and place a small pot or cup on top. The flames will heat the container, allowing you to boil water or cook food in a pinch. Be careful though, the can will become hot during use.

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Make your own mosquito repellent

All out of traditional mosquito repellent? Mix witch hazel, water and eucalyptus or citronella oil to create a natural bug repellent that’s non-toxic and easy on the nose.

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Make your own feather stick firelights

Don’t want to spend money on fire starters? Make your own by splitting a dry piece of wood into quarters or eighths. Once you’ve got the wood split, you’ll have the bases for your feather sticks. Shave each piece of wood down with a sheath or draw knife to create ‘curly bits’ that are then stacked into an A-shape to create a fire. See tutorial:

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Make a DIY sink

Create a DIY camping sink by filling a collapsible water container with water and suspending it from a sturdy tree branch using a length of rope. Attach a small plastic tube or hose to the spout, and you have a gravity-fed camping sink for washing dishes or personal hygiene.

Keep your gear dry

Prepare for unpredictable weather by lining your backpack with a garbage bag. This trick keeps your gear dry, and also protects your bag from any leaks.

Silica gel to keep your food and camp gear rust and mold-free

Make use of those silica gel packets you have lying around to prevent rust on your camp cookware between uses, and to keep your food and medications dry.

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Grab a bag of chips

If you’re in no mood to gather sticks for kindling, a bag of Doritos or corn chips makes the perfect kindling. The starches, chemicals, oils, and flavourings from these snacks make them prime candidates for combustion.


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