Nifty braai goodies

Posted on 11 September 2013

With all sorts of thingamajigs, gadgets and nifty braai doo-dahs, there’s no excuse to have an average cookout this month.

Consol Store-it Jar

Keep your braai spices in Consol Store-it Jar to retain the flavours. The big opening makes it easy to grab a pinch to sprinkle over food. If you’re travelling with it, wrap jars in a dishtowel to prevent breakages.

Costs from R14,99 each

Available at Consol in Woodmead and Stellenbosch and through various distributors.

TIP Ask your local spice house to mix a batch of braai spice according to your taste.

Woolworths braai wok

Woolworths’ stainless-steel braai wok is great for grilling vegetables over a fire without the hassle of ripped tinfoil and persistently raw butternut.

The small holes prevent food falling through and you can grip the handles even when using oven gloves. It also doesn’t blacken on the fire and is a good size for a family serving.

Costs R190


LK’s mielie grid

The clever little grid fits four mielies and makes braaing them a cinch. It offers three levels to cater for corn of various sizes and the latch works well to keep them in place.

LKs Mielie Grid-1

It’s a bit awkward to turn the grid over, but the trick is to balance the mielies correctly. It’s slim and easy to pack in with your cooking gear.

LKs Mielie Grid-2

Costs R69,95

Outdoor Warehouse

Some braai recipes

Check out this great recipe for chicken soup with braaied mielies here.

And how to make the best damn potato salad here. 

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