Sleep in a bubble in Iceland

Posted on 27 November 2018

If you’d like the perfect spot to watch the aurora borealis, or northern lights,  it doesn’t get much better than the very unique 5 Million Star Hotel, also know as the Bubble Hotel.

Hidden in a forest in Iceland, the hotel has eight rooms inside transparent, inflatable bubbles, or ‘igloos.’ From here you can gaze into the surrounding nature and the big sky above. You may even get the chance to watch the magical aurora borealis display from your bed.


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The unique rooms are one-of-a-kind designs intended to give you an uninterrupted view of forest.

While you are there, you can also book tours to little-known beaches, hidden waterfalls and other destinations that very few get to experience.


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Visitors are much more likely to receive a stunning aurora show in winter but that doesn’t mean the summer visits to the Bubble Hotel are any less spectacular, if just for the intimacy of the rooms and the forest views.


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Some people have compared the rooms to UFOs or otherworldly objects, but one thing is for sure – a stay in them is likely very worth the experience.


Each stay in the hotel includes a tour, however travellers are warned that these can be challenging and are definitely not friendly for those with disabilities due to steep hills and long walks.

If you’re looking to fulfill your lifetime dream of seeing the Aurora Lights at the Bubble Hotel, be sure to book your stay well ahead of time.

Stays are billed in Icelandic króna or ISK and will cost you about ISK 29,950 (roughly R3 335) for a solo stay and up to ISK 59,900 (roughly R6 671) for a seat on the tour. 


If you’re looking to tick seeing the northern lights off your bucket list, the hotel is the place to do it.

Take a look at the tour options here.





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