Getaway Gallery Photo Competition November 2018

Here’s the latest selection of the best readers’ photographs submitted to the Getaway Gallery Photographic Competition in association with Canon for November 2018.

Getaway Gallery is a prestigious showcase of the best photographs our readers have to offer. We have exciting prizes to be won this year worth nearly R150000, from equipment through to a dream trip to Madagascar.


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  • This image was shot from the Balloon above it, about 1000 meters over the Namib desert, on a dawn ballooning trip. The colours and drama of the desert are even more spectacular when seen from the air and the balloon below gives some perspective to the scene. -By Andrew Chislett, Johannesburg Nikon D850, Nikon 70-200mm at 70m, ISO 400, f/8, 1/800sec
  • Once in a lifetime you are part of a group of extra-ordinary exploratory divers who found a new dive site. We discovered this new dive site in the middle of False Bay of the Cape Peninsula and named it M+M tower (after the 2 divers Martin and Mike). It is a pristine dive site with an abundance of sea life. The picture was taken at a depth of 19 metres. The basket star resembles a jewel with its complex and geometric patterns. It uses its outstretched arms to adhere itself to a palmate sea fan, but also to catch drifting food. Both the basket star and palmate sea fan are marine animals and not marine plants. -By Peet J Van Eeden, Welgemoed, Western Cape Canon 5DSR, Sigma 50 mm 1:2.8 DG Macro lens in an Ikelite Underwater housing and 2 Ikelite DS161 sub strobes, ISO100, f/32, 1/200sec
  • Multiple generations are represented in this close knit family of elephants, ranging from the matriarch to the very smallest. Interesting to me was the symmetry in the trunks when they all drank together, as well as the closeness of them standing next to each other almost as a single unit. As portrayed in this image it is common practice in elephant families that the smallest are always standing under the constant close protection of their mothers. To me this image as a whole encapsulates so many wonderful facets of all the intimate intricacies of an elephant family body as such. Taken in the Addo Elephant National Park – Eastern Cape at Hapoor Dam. - John M. Vosloo, Eastern Cape Cannon EOS 1d mk4, Sigma 150 – 600 mm, ISO 1600, f7.1, 1/640 sec
  • In the The Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape, while approaching a ditch in the ‘veldt’ .I noticed two large Buffalo Bulls fighting. This was clearly a serious fight. It is always a very exciting scene when two of these massive and strong animals have a full go at each other. Their power and speed is simply unbelievable. The symmetry of their heads, horns and the almost “check mate” position of their horns near each other’s eyes, called for this image. It goes to show ho easily they can seriously injure each other in such fights. -By John M. Vosloo, Eastern Cape Cannon EOS 1d mk4, Sigma 150 – 600 mm, ISO:1000, f7.1, 1/250 sec
  • We visited the Nxai Pans in Botswana in September 2017. This time of the year is dry season in Botswana. The waterhole near South Camp is the only permanent waterhole in this region. Animals were teaming to the waterhole. A big herd of elephant came rushing in, drank, bathed And left. These two bulls, part of the herd, stayed a little longer. The sun was just about to set and I hoped for a chance to get an image of the two bulls testing each other and the sun setting behind them. I waited for their legs to be in the same position when I took the image. -By Hilda le Roux, Robertson, Western Cape Canon 1DX, Canon 500mm f4, ISO 320,f/ 5.6, 1/400sec
  • We went scuba diving at Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique and saw a potato bass under a ledge with some blue streak cleaner wrasse swimming around, I hanged around and eventually the potato bass opened his mouth and the cleaner wrasse provided their mouth hygiene service. -By Gideon Blaar Coetzee Nikon Coolpix P7700 Compact in Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobes, ISO 100, F/2.5, 1/400sec
  • It was an overcast day at Nxaipans, Botswana. We spent the whole afternoon at the waterhole, which is the main source of water in the area. We spotted these giraffes on the horizon and waited for nearly an hour for them to approach the waterhole. For a brief moment there was a break in the clouds with the sunrays peaking through, illuminating the giraffes. -By Dewald Tromp, Middelburg Mpumalanga Nikon D850, 70-200mm f2.8 at 200mm handheld, F/8, ISO 64, 1/250sec
  • My recent annual trip into the Cederberg mountains this time returning to the Maltese Cross and spending the night there photographing the clear milky way and camping at the base of the cross. When I arrived it was overcast and covered in cloud so I decided to rest and check again at 7pm. When I woke up from the tent the sky was clear and the milky way was already beginning to glow in the blue hour (Twilight) with the silhouette of the cross looking down on me. -By Daniel Grebe, Cape Town Canon 5D MarkIII, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4, ISO 2000, F/4, 30sec
  • This image was taken from a hide at Intaka Island, Milnerton. It was actually a dull and overcast day, so there was not much contrast with regards to the light even though it was midday when this image was taken. This great white pelican was preening and I opted for a tight crop to reveal the beautiful detail of the birds plumage. Location. Intaka Island, Milnerton, Cape Town. -By Braeme Holland, Cape Town Canon 5DMK4, 100-400m f4.5-5.6L IS MKII, F5.6, ISO 640, 1/1600sec
  • Description: I captured this image in the vicinity of Brandberg, Namibia. Whilst driving early one morning in search of the infamous desert elephants, I came across swamp patch. The light was golden, and at first, there was very little subject matter. With a little patience, and lying still this wagtail went about its business without taking notice of my presence. -By Werner Reyneke, Stellenbosch Nikon D500 , : 600mm f/4, Iso : 400, f/4, 1/4000 sec