Photoblog: dropping into Durban

Posted on 22 September 2014

I am from Durban. Until this year, I would have said that I knew it extensively. But whether it’s walking through the markets of Warwick Triangle or the well-traversed promenade, visiting Durban on assignment showed me aspects I hadn’t encountered, or if I had, I had taken for granted.

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Perhaps it was meeting Taweni Xaba (who wrote about Durban through the eyes of her children in our October issue) and her family, or seeing the art renewal projects going on a result of the UIA 2014 conference held in Durban. Maybe it was the quick mutton curry outside a street snack shop or having a car-guard chase off an aspiring sgebengu who took an overly large interest in my phone. Or seeing dogs bounding along the beach, chasing pigeons into the early morning sun and driving familiar freeways.

Regardless, I saw Durban through refreshed eyes. We have a lot to offer, and not just in terms of our deliciously warm water. In this month’s Durban feature, I got to visit good old Durbs. And I can honestly recommend you do too. Scroll down, or click through, for a glimpse into a Durban summer.


Taweni's youngest daughter, Zakithi

Taweni’s youngest daughter, Zakithi.


Brightly coloured  Afro's Chicken is making a name for itself on Durban's beachfront

Brightly coloured Afro’s Chicken is making a name for itself on Durban’s beachfront.


Jumping off the pier

Jumping off the pier is one of the best things about summer.

Durban_Teagan Cunniffe_001


The Killie Campbell Africana Museum and better-known Ushaka Marine world

The Killie Campbell Africana Museum and better-known Ushaka Marine world.

Durban_Teagan Cunniffe_005


Moyo at Ushaka Marine World

Moyo at Ushaka Marine World.


Durban_Teagan Cunniffe_008

Sabelo is a driver who works mostly outside uShaka Marine World.

Durban_Teagan Cunniffe_012


From left to right; Tapiwe, Taweni, Zakithi and Kulunga

The Xaba family cools down. From left to right: Tapiwa, Taweni, Zakithi and Kulunga.


Faith 47's beautiful murals in Warwick Junction

Faith 47’s beautiful murals in Warwick Junction.

Durban_Teagan Cunniffe_011


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Getaway October 2014

Getaway October 2014

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