Best botanical gardens in SA

Posted on 30 May 2024 By Louise Bell

There is an abundance of natural splendours to enjoy in the bounds of bountiful South Africa. Some being the nation’s beautifully curated botanical gardens. From bonsai displays to walkways above forest grounds, there is an array of flora-filled spaces you can enjoy and explore in this country.

Unsplash/Tanya Paquet

Looking to learn where the top botanical gardens are sprinkled across South Africa? Take a look at a few picks that are sure to make any botanist and botanical lover bloom from joy.

Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden

With its location at the majestic Hex River Mountains range, this botanical garden has a cornucopia of natural beauty and sceneries to enjoy. The Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden, within Worcester, specialises in displaying desert plants that are accustomed to semi-arid and arid conditions.

On the premises, you’ll be able to enjoy two hiking trails known as the Grysbokkie and Shale trails. Here, you’ll be likely to spot a few fauna populations that are known to traverse these paths, such as the Cape grysbok and various tortoise species.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Often dubbed as one of the most beautiful gardens in Africa, this green space is a must-visit for all kinds of nature lovers. From sculptures to peruse to the wonderful display of indigenous species such as fynbos, this space is perfect for individuals looking to immerse themselves in South African nature.

There are a number of trails to venture on which caters to a range of fitness levels. From 15 minutes to three hours, you’ll be able to walk and enjoy the fauna and flora of this garden in style. As there are over 7000 species actively in cultivation in the garden, be sure to plan your trip carefully in order to see all the sights you’re excited about.

Hantam National Botanical Garden

With 6000 hectares within its bounds, the Hantam National Botanical Garden is a wonderful option if you’re looking to spend the day and enjoy nature in one location. While this garden is always a joy to explore, the best time to visit is during the flower season (from August to October).

From the dolerite koppies to the carpet of flowers scattered across green spaces, this garden is the perfect place to enjoy a guided tour followed by a tranquil picnic. You’ll find this stunning place near Nieuwoudtville in the Northern Cape.

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