Chasing the sunset across Joburg

Posted on 29 April 2024

Who doesn’t love a sunset? Ryan Enslin suggests some of the best spots around Joburg for this particular pastime.

Northcliff hill

Northcliff Hill in Randburg is a good spot for sunset viewing. Picture: pope24 / Flickr Commons

Ask ten random Joburgers what three things they love most about the City of Gold and I’ll put my neck on a block there will be a common thread to the varied answers – amazing sunsets. There is something quite spectacular about the setting sun here on the Rand, and Joburg has several rather interesting spots from which to indulge in the daily spectacle.

Here are a few top spots to truly maximise your experience.

Orientate yourself on Munro Drive

I suggest you start in good time before the sun actually sets, and there’s no better location to take in stunning views of Joburg, than from the viewpoint on Munro Drive in Upper Houghton. With stunning views of the CBD and out over northern Joburg, the viewpoint is a hidden gem in the city.

The Munro Drive pass is only 900m meters long, connecting Upper Houghton to Houghton down below and is one of only a handful of South African passes that are shorter than 1 kilometre. Bet you didn’t know we had a mountain pass right here in Joburg!

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Parktonian Hotel

Now that you know what your sunset viewing will cover, plug the Parktonian Hotel into your GPS and head to your second stop. The Parktonian Hotel was reopened during COVID by Anew Hotels and has a great rooftop bar on the 25th floor.

Being a circular building you have a 360-degree panorama of Joburg, straight from the inner city, views not many locals ever lay eyes on. The Parktonian offers a unique view of the newly built Joburg Council Chambers, a R280-million development adjacent to the Metro Centre in Braamfontein. The two-level circular calabash-shaped glass building shines a distinct shade of gold as it catches the last rays of the sun.

Be sure to look out for another circular icon on the skyline of Joburg, that of Ponte City, out towards the eastern edge of the city. But don’t spend too long here, you want to be at the next stop when the sun bids farewell for the day.

Find the Parktonian Hotel at 120 De Korte Street, Braamfontein.

Hallmark House Hotel

In the heart of Maboneng and along the eastern fringe of the city, lies a modernist structure which once housed a growing diamond polishing trade here in Joburg. The 15-storey building has since been repurposed into a hotel and entertainment space, with design work by famed Ghanian designer, David Ajaye.

Hallmark House today houses a hotel, an old-school barber shop, a remote working space and the city’s finest jazz bar – The Marabi Club. And right at the top of the building lies yet another spectacular spot, the Rooftop Bar.

In addition to offering a closer perspective of the infamous Ponte City building, the Rooftop Bar brilliantly showcases the Hillbrow Tower, particularly in silhouette. Built between 1968 and 1971, the 269-meter tower was once the tallest structure and tower in Africa, which title lasted for 50 years. It was also the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere until 1978, when Mount Isa Chimney was built in Queensland, Australia, standing 270 meters tall.

The Hillbrow Tower used to be a major tourist attraction here in Joburg and housed two restaurants, one of the revolving variety named Heinrich’s Restaurant. Sadly, the tower has been closed to the public since 1981.

Find Hallmark House at 54 Siemert Road, New Doornfontein.

Join a tour to discover these and more spots

Johannesburg In Your Pocket and MicroAdventure Tours have teamed up to fast-track your Joburg sunset experience, with a few new stops. Think of a heritage building in Parktown and time spent inside the Ponte City building. Their next sunset chasing session is on 3 September 2022. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect on Munro Drive, your first stop on this adventure.

Follow more of Ryan’s adventures in and around Joburg here.

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