How to spend a day at The Company’s Garden in CT

Posted on 13 April 2024 By Louise Bell

Filled to the brim with green spaces, museums, and a scurry of squirrels racing around, The Company’s Garden is the perfect place to spend a day in bliss. Known as the oldest European garden in South Africa, this historical site is a must-do for both foreign visitors and locals.

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Unsure what your garden itinerary should include? Here are a few excellent activities to consider, ensuring a pleasant and thought-provoking adventure.

Go on a self-guided walk

What better way to start the day than by navigating the uncharted and breathtaking garden terrain of Cape Town’s urban jungle? The Company’s Garden provides a map pamphlet, guiding you to discover statues and landmarks, each with its own intriguing historical significance.

With this detailed map, you can also explore the fascinating spaces of the Precinct Walk, which is peppered with various significant buildings and historical sites.

Get a bite at The Company’s Garden Restaurant

At one of the pedestrian entrances, you’ll be able to find the charming pleasures of The Company’s Garden restaurant. With its location surrounded by natural beauty and fun activities in the vicinity for children to play, you’ll be able to laze your day away with a cappuccino in hand.

Feed nuts to the squirrels

Within the garden, you’ll see a paved walkway lined with oak trees called the Government Avenue. This is where many city workers take their lunch and experience nature while eating their meal.

While cities might be known for their rat population, The Company’s Garden specialises in housing the cute and caramel-coloured faces of squirrels. You can purchase a bag of nuts to entertain and coax these critters to come closer. If you’re lucky, you can spot the elusive albino squirrels that appear on the premises.

Be aware that touching and handling squirrels is not encouraged, so keep a safe distance from these cute creatures. Pigeons have also been known to cause havoc when spotting a crumb of food for them to devour, so expect the garden’s bird population to appear near you.

Visit the South African National Gallery

A great way to infuse your day with a sense of culture, the South African National Gallery is an excellent choice to see a wide variety of artwork. From South African artists to temporary exhibits to enjoy and explore, you’ll always find something different to marvel at in this arty space.

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