Get your front row seat to an extravagant Indian wedding

Posted on 9 November 2018

Indian weddings are nothing short of lavish. They are planned years in advance and celebrated over several days with opulent decorations, music and a kaleidoscope of colour. Getting a front row seat to the festivities would not have been possible some years back unless you were a friend or aquintence, but now can be part of the festivities.

A website called Join My Wedding offers travellers the chance to enjoy a first hand experience of a traditional Indian wedding celebration. The aim of this cultural exchange is to unite cultures from all over the world and let tourists experience an authentic ceremony in real time.

How the website works:

The bride and groom give a certain number of guests permission to be a part of their opulent occasion by sharing their wedding details on Join My Wedding’s website. A list of different weddings appear on the site and travellers connect with the “host couple” after their ticket purchase to introduce themselves. All sales from the tickets go to the newly weds.







Picture: Pixabay

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