9 Best Places to Visit in East London

Posted on 2 October 2023

If you’re planning a visit to East London, South Africa, get ready for an adventure that combines natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. This coastal city has a lot to offer, and we’ve curated a list of the 9 best places to visit in East London to make your trip truly unforgettable.

1. East London Aquarium

East London Aquarium - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @FELA: Friends of the East London Aquarium

The East London Aquarium is one of the top places to visit in East London. It may not be the largest facility, but it offers a captivating experience. Visitors can witness daily fish feedings and thrilling seal shows. Despite its modest size, this aquarium stands out with several unique exhibits, such as three Cape pigmy-clawed lobsters. Notably, these lobsters represent a rare occurrence, as they are the only specimens of their kind ever housed in a public aquarium worldwide.

One of the aquarium’s remarkable features is a thriving colony of African penguins, which boasts an impressive annual average of 20 chicks. These young penguins are subsequently sent to various countries across the globe, contributing to international conservation efforts.

2. East London City Hall

East London City Hall - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @East London City Hall

One of the standout places to visit in East London is the imposing City Hall, which rises majestically above the city streets, making a dramatic and impressive sight. Constructed during Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, marking her 60th year as Queen, the grand clock tower was christened the Victoria Tower in tribute to her. This period coincided with widespread English colonial rule in much of Africa. The construction of City Hall was successfully concluded in 1899.

Initially designated as a National Monument, City Hall held this prestigious status until 1914, when East London attained formal city status. Subsequently, it assumed its rightful role as the official City Hall of the city. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or a history buff, City Hall is a top place to visit in East London that beautifully reflects the city’s heritage.

3. The East London Coast Nature Reserve

The East London Coast Nature Reserve - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @Buffalo City Tourism

The East London Coast Nature Reserve is one of the best places to visit in East London—a stunning coastal expanse that stretches from the Great Kei River in the northeast to the Tylomnqa River in the southwest of East London. This reserve is a remarkable natural gem located approximately 3 hours’ drive from Port Elizabeth (about 283.8 km) via the N2 National Road.

This region encompasses over 3,000 hectares of protected land, comprising ten coastal reserves and two inland state forests. These areas are collectively referred to as the East London Coast Nature Reserve and exemplify a conservation and preservation commitment.

4. East London Harbour

East London Harbour - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @Port Of East London (harbour)

Referred to as the Port of East London, the East London Harbour is a must see place to visit in East London. It holds considerable significance for several reasons. Notably, it stands as South Africa’s sole commercial river port. Nestled at the picturesque Buffalo River Mouth, it not only boasts a stunning location but also serves as a crucial bridge connecting the Eastern Cape Province to the global stage.

5. East London Museum

East London Museum - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @East London Museum

The East London Natural History Gallery is home to a remarkable relic of prehistory: the original coelacanth. This ancient fish species, believed to have thrived in the Indian Ocean for a staggering 400 million years, was long thought to have vanished from the face of the Earth until its astonishing rediscovery in 1938.

The unearthing of a living coelacanth within the East London harbour sent shockwaves through the international scientific community, deeming it the most momentous zoological discovery of the century. This accolade alone renders the East London Museum a must-visit attraction. The museum, open every day of the year except for Christmas Day and Good Friday, provides a rare opportunity to witness this extraordinary specimen up close. It should definitely be on your list of places to visit in East London.

6. Nahoon Point Nature Reserve

Nahoon Point Nature Reserve - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @Nahoon Point Nature Reserve

Renowned as one of the country’s most breathtaking coastal reserves, the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve in East London is a true South African treasure. Its allure extends beyond its stunning natural beauty and awe-inspiring panoramas, as it holds a significant place in paleoanthropology. This reserve has been cherished not only for its extraordinary scenic splendour but also for its profound prehistoric significance, earning it the esteemed status of a protected area.

7. Umtiza Forest

Umtiza Forest - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @Save the Umtiza Forest

The Umtiza Nature Reserve is an amazing place to visit in East London. It is situated atop Buffalo Pass, boasts a lush forest expanse that mirrors the graceful curves of the Buffalo River. As the river charts its course alongside the pass road before gently veering southward through the reserve, this pristine natural enclave reveals its splendour. Located just beyond East London, to the west of Buffalo Flats and to the south of Scenery Park, the reserve serves a vital purpose: safeguarding the remnants of native forests lining the Buffalo River’s banks.

Named in homage to one of the rare arboreal treasures found within its boundaries, the Umtiza Forest Reserve takes its identity from the umtiza listerana, a member of the legume family. This exceptional reserve stands as a testament to the region’s ecological wealth and its commitment to preserving these invaluable natural resources.

8. Ann Bryant Art Gallery

Ann Bryant Art Gallery - places to visit in East London

Source: Facebook / @Ann Bryant Art Gallery

The Bryant Gallery is a beautiful place to visit in East London. It offers an inviting haven for artists, art enthusiasts, and anyone with a deep appreciation for the world of art. Nestled within a captivating Edwardian structure in the heart of East London, this gallery is a treasure trove of 20th-century South African paintings infused with the timeless influences of Cape Dutch and Victorian aesthetics.

Among its prized possessions, you’ll discover an extensive array of decorative and fine art collections, many hailing from the culturally rich era of the 1960s and earlier. The gallery is on a mission to enrich cultural diversity and elevate artistic consciousness, with a singular focus on providing satisfaction, enjoyment, and a profound sense of appreciation through visual arts.

9. Hemingways Hotel

Drawing inspiration from the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway’s Key West residence, Hemingway Hotel embodies the essence of warm and inviting hospitality. Our dedicated staff continually uphold this commitment to hospitality, earning recognition and praise from Tripadvisor guests.

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