5 Places to visit in Kuruman

Posted on 22 May 2024 By Nelson Kalula

Nestled in the heart of the Northern Cape province, Kuruman is a charming town renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and the legendary Eye of Kuruman. This geological marvel, known as the “Oasis of the Kalahari,” supplies an astounding 20 million liters of crystal-clear water daily, creating a lush green haven amid the arid surroundings. Kuruman’s thriving economy is fueled by agriculture and mineral mining, making it a unique blend of natural beauty and industrial vitality. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Kuruman:

1.  Boesmansgat Sinkhole

Boesmansgat Sinkhole - Places to visit in Kuruman

Picture: Facebook / Ancestral Voices

Located 55km south of Kuruman on the R31, Boesmansgat Sinkhole, also known as Bushman’s Hole, is a natural wonder. This deep freshwater cave, formed by the dissolution of dolomite rocks, reaches an impressive depth of 270 meters. Divers from around the world are drawn to this site to explore its depths and set new records, despite the risks involved. The sinkhole is accessible via a steep rock face, leading to a serene pond often covered in duckweed. An entrance fee applies, and visitors can also enjoy spotting local wildlife like gemsbok and springbok on the way. This makes Boesmansgat one of the most thrilling places to visit in Kuruman.

2. The Eye of Kuruman

At the heart of Kuruman lies the Eye of Kuruman, the largest natural spring in the southern hemisphere. This natural spring gushes forth millions of liters of water each day, sustaining the town and its surroundings. The spring feeds into a picturesque pool, surrounded by willow and palm trees, and is home to various aquatic life. Visitors can enjoy the serene environment for a small entrance fee, with access from Main Street.

3. Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk Cave - Places to visit in Kuruman

Picture: Facebook / Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk Cave, situated between Danielskuil and Kuruman, is an archaeological treasure trove. This National Heritage Site offers a fascinating glimpse into early human history, with evidence of habitation dating back nearly 2 million years. Visitors can explore ancient rock paintings, stalagmites, and the oldest known use of fire by humans. A wheelchair-friendly walkway allows easy access through the 140-meter deep cave, and the visitor center provides insightful displays about the site’s historical significance.

4.  Moffat Mission

Moffat Mission - Places to visit in Kuruman

Picture: Facebook / The Boho Tree

Founded by Robert Moffat in the 1820s, the Moffat Mission is a historical gem in Kuruman. The mission complex includes various buildings such as the old Homestead, the Moffat Church, and the remains of a schoolroom. Robert Moffat’s efforts in translating the Bible into Tswana and printing it on his own press are commemorated here. The mission offers a tranquil escape with its serene gardens and historical artifacts, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts. A nominal entrance fee is required, payable at the Bookshop. Visiting the Moffat Mission is a journey through time, making it one of the top places to visit in Kuruman.

5.  The Oasis Casino

Oasis Casino - Places to visit in Kuruman

Picture: Facebook / Oasis Casino

For a touch of excitement, visit the Oasis Casino located on the N14. This vibrant venue offers a variety of slot machines and hosts regular events and promotions. It’s the perfect spot for a night out or a relaxing drink after a day of exploring Kuruman. The Oasis Casino adds a dash of modern entertainment to the list of places to visit in Kuruman.

Kuruman, with its blend of natural wonders and historical sites, offers a unique and enriching travel experience. Whether you’re diving into the depths of Boesmansgat or exploring the rich history of the Moffat Mission, this charming town promises a journey filled with discovery and adventure. With these top 10 places to visit in Kuruman, your trip is sure to be memorable.

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