Running the length of Africa: Russell Cook’s epic journey

Posted on 1 December 2023 By Tsoku Maela

Russell Cook, a 26-year-old Briton, is taking on an extraordinary challenge: running the entire length of Africa, from the southernmost point in South Africa to the northernmost point in Tunisia. This ambitious feat entails covering a distance equivalent to 360 marathons in just 240 days. Along the way, Cook will navigate sweltering deserts, treacherous rainforests, and encounters with dangerous wildlife. Supported by a small team of friends, he aims to raise funds for The Running Charity and Water Aid. Despite the immense physical, mental, and logistical challenges ahead, Cook remains undaunted, focusing on one day at a time.

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‘I’m actually not daunted by any of it,’ Cook asserts confidently. ‘Handle the day, wake up, and handle tomorrow.’ His journey began in South Africa, where he ran over 50 kilometres per day during the first two weeks. Now in Namibia, he faces the unforgiving Namib Desert. Cook has gained a reputation as ‘The Hardest Geezer’ for his remarkable running accomplishments, which include running from Istanbul to London and completing a marathon while pulling a car. However, his journey is motivated by more than personal achievements; it is fueled by his struggles with mental health during his teenage years.

Like many young men, Cook battled with his mental well-being, feeling trapped and directionless as he worked multiple jobs to make a living. A pivotal moment occurred when he found himself in a dingy nightclub in Brighton, England, questioning the purpose of his life. Determined to change, he decided to run home, embarking on a 12-mile journey that took him three hours, with occasional power naps along the way. This experience sparked newfound confidence within him. Inspired by his friend, he participated in a local half marathon, followed by a full marathon. These achievements shattered his belief that marathons were only for exceptionally fit individuals and propelled him on a path of personal growth.

During his travels, Cook visited Iten, a Kenyan town known for its world-class long-distance athletes. Immersed in the local running culture, he developed a deep appreciation for the primal art of running and its transformative effects on his mind and body. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when he met an Italian cyclist journeying around the world. This encounter motivated Cook to plan his own unprecedented challenge: running the length of Africa.

The logistical aspects of Cook’s expedition pose significant obstacles. His small team has encountered issues with visas and the transportation of their support vehicle. Despite these setbacks, Cook remains adaptable, displaying a willingness to overcome challenges as they arise. He even convinced potential robbers not to target him while running alone in South Africa, demonstrating his charismatic nature and compassion.

While Cook acknowledges the daunting nature of certain obstacles he may face, such as the Congo rainforest and the Sahara desert, he maintains a positive outlook. Although he humorously boasts about his ability to fend off a lion, he admits that in reality, he would feel fear. However, he embraces the adventure and views each day as an opportunity for personal growth and storytelling.

To fund his journey, Cook relies on sponsorship and social media exposure. By documenting his progress on platforms like YouTube, his online presence has rapidly expanded. Nevertheless, funding remains a concern, as he continues to rely on the generosity of friends and cryptocurrency earnings from a mutual acquaintance.

With over seven months of the trip remaining, Cook remains focused on the present rather than the finish line. He aims to add ‘another brick in the wall’ each day, cherishing the adventure and the connections he forms along the way. Despite the worries of loved ones, Cook’s insatiable appetite for adventure drives him forward.

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