Street art to admire in South Africa

Posted on 2 April 2024 By Louise Bell

Whether you consider it vandalism or appreciate a vibrant image while walking in the city, street art fills the cities of South Africa and is a stunning sight to see. From inspirational quotes to detailed drawings, this country’s urban spaces will make you feel like you are walking through an open-air gallery.


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Unsure where to find the staple pieces in South Africa? Take a look at a few districts and spaces that are sprinkled with urban artists’ work.

Johannesburg – Maboneng

While this area might not be the safest choice at night, it is a beautiful place to explore the edgy side of town. The streets within this neighbourhood are simply bussing with activities and trendy spots to explore.

Walking along the streets, you’ll also notice a kaleidoscope of art galleries to enjoy while walking among the local artists’ work on the buildings you walk past.

Cape Town – District Six

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District Six is an up-and-coming hub filled with local eateries, sustainable shopping spots, and vintage stores. The mix of Cape Dutch architecture and colourful building exteriors perfectly blend old and new developments in this captivating city.

Here, you’ll be able to spot murals throughout the district in seemingly unlikely places. Keep your eyes peeled, as you’ll surely miss a quirky illustration adoring the building walls.

KwaZulu-Natal – Painting on Purpose

If you’re looking to experience the artsy pleasures of street art fully, this organisation is the ultimate project to see what art can do to bring a community together. Painting on Purpose commissions a wide selection of projects where children from local settlements help out and have a creative outlet to make something beautiful within their environment.

They travel throughout KwaZulu-Natal to make a difference, and you can see their handy work in various spaces. From the informal settlement building paintings at Phantaze to the vibrant colours of a community centre in Shakaskraal, this organisation puts the rainbow in ‘Rainbow Nation’.

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