Things to do in Little Karoo

Posted on 9 July 2024 By Louise Bell

With its picturesque landscapes and down-to-earth charm, Little Karoo is a wonderful region if you’re looking for a hidden gem in South Africa. Almost entirely surrounded by mountain ranges, from Langeberg to Swartberg, this semi-desert haven is encapsulated by sceneries to experience and explore.

Unsplash/Juanita Swart

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing activity or prefer an adrenaline-fueled adventure, there is a treasure chest of things to do in Little Karoo. Take a look at a few must-do excursions to add to your weekend itinerary.

Marvel at the Cango Caves

A seemingly otherworldly underground spectacle, the captivating Cango Caves is a must for travellers seeking a historical yet magical experience in South Africa. With tales of discovery dating back to 1780, this cave is filled with cultural significance and natural beauty.

From bushman art adorning the walls to the stunning structures of stalactite displays, you’ll surely have a memorable experience at this underground wonder.

Enjoy a wine-tasting experience

Route 62 passes through Little Karoo, known as the longest wine route in the world. This makes it the perfect opportunity to indulge in the vine-ar things in life. With a diverse selection of wine specialities, you’ll have a ball sipping your way through this wine route.

From the port-style wines at De Krans to the classic Chardonnay varieties at Du’SwaRoo, the Klein Karoo Wine Route is sure to tickle any sommelier’s fancy.

Attend a unique tour

As Little Karoo covers a large range of quaint small towns in its vicinity, this region has a wide variety of quirky tours to take if you’re looking for something a little different. Take a look at a few experiences that will ensure a trip you won’t forget:

  • Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour – This tour takes place at Five Shy Meerkats and provides a wildlife experience with these curious creatures. Visitors are welcomed with a morning coffee and chair and can watch and marvel as meerkats peek their heads out of their burrows.
  • Crocodile Cage Diving – A thrilling wildlife encounter that will be sure to get your heart racing, the Cango Wildlife Ranch offers a reptile-filled adventure. With the close proximity to prehistoric Nile crocodiles, you’ll be able to interact with these vicious creatures safely.

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