Things to do on Long Street: nightlife

Posted on 15 July 2013

So you’ve experienced the best of inner-city dining at these great restaurants on Long Street and now it’s time to experience the buzzing nightlife. From bohemian-hipster-style gatherings to out-of-the-ordinary club scenes, the street’s nightlife is nothing short of awesome. To help you manouevre your way between the multitude of clubs vying for your attention, here’s a list of cool spots and what you can expect to find at them.

The Waiting Room

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The Waiting Room has a chilled retro feel

Photo by *spo0ky*

Above one of the Mother City’s top burger joints, Royale Eatery (read: 9 great Cape Town burger joints) is a night club / pub with relaxed lounge feel. The Waiting Room has comfortable couches and great retro lighting. The floor and the ceiling are covered in wood, giving  the place an unusual but admirable look. You cannot visit the Waiting Room without going up to the awesome roof deck which gives you an unmatched view of Cape Town. This is a spot for enjoying those cool summer nights while jamming to techno, dubstep and hip-hop.


Tel 021-422-4536,

The Dubliner

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Admit it! There’s something  homely about the Dubliner at Kennedy’s. It’s a little tough to walk past the bar without being tempted to go in. It’s ok, you could blame that on the inviting aromas from the kitchen or its Irish charm. The bar has stuck to its old-school identity and has not wavered into new club trends. With a band and affordable prices everyday, the Dubliner is a great spot to kick it.


Tel 021-424-1212, email [email protected]

 Zula Sound Bar and Café

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Zula Sound Bar and Cafe is a hit with live music lovers.

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Zula Sound Bar and Café prides itself on being Cape Town’s number one live music spot. Having hosted local bands like Freshlyground and Goddessa in the past, the bar attracts scores of live music fans. The spacious pub has two floors, allowing music-hungry fans to pick whatever sounds cool to their ear.


Tel 021-424-2442, email [email protected]


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“Yoh, dude, you broke? Let’s go to Neighbourhood.” I have heard that statement many-a-time and there’s some truth to it. I’m not saying Neighbourhood is a broke person’s drinking haven but they know how to take care of folk. With a great menu, ample sitting space and cheap drinks, Neighbourhood has become a main spot for watching big matches or after-work drinks.


Tel 021-424-7260, email [email protected]

169 on Long

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169 on Long has a great sophisticated ambience

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When Cape to Cuba closed, a few of Long Street’s club goers were left stranded without a place to call their own. 169 on Long came to the rescue of  Cape Town’s party lovers with discerning taste. With a restaurant, cigar lounge, cocktail bar and club , there’s enough variety to keep you confined in the place. The place boasts a great playlist of  jazz and R&B to complement those sundowners.


Tel 021-424-2331



Photo courtesy of shizhao

Stones is definitely one of the most vibrant places on Long Street.  The artwork on the walls, lighting and large dance floor are something out of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky music video. This is one place where the young and the not-so-young go in search of a good time. With branches all over the country , Stones is the perfect place for club-goers looking a great jol!


Tel 021-424-0418,

Bob’s Bar and Bistro

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Image courtesy of

Located right in the belly of Cape Town, Bob’s Bar is a classic drinking spot. With wood tables decorating the place, affordable draughts and a pool table, the bar could easily grow on you. Once you’ve experienced all the above, you’ll realise that the awesome DJs and affordable meals at the bar are a bonus.


Tel 021-424-3584

Purple Turtle

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The iconic purple building on the corner of Shortmarket Street and Long Street

 Photo by Willem Nabuurs via Panoramio

The Purple Turtledeserves a place in every Capetonian’s nightlife chronicles. The iconic purple building has weathered many storms on Long Street. Having witnessed many clubs come and go, this joint has itself gone through a few musical phases, from alternative to commercial house. However, the club has always been haunted by complaints from the old crowd which feels the place has gone to the dogs. Let’s hope the recent revamping has helped rejuvenate club’s image.


Tel 021-424-0811, email [email protected]

Carnival Court Backpackers

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Carnival Court Bar has a great live music vibe.

Imagine being trapped in an epic party setting with a bunch of backpackers from across the globe in the middle of Cape Town’s Long Street. There’s electrifying live music playing and everyone in the house is having a lekker time. Sounds awesome right? Well, that’s an average night at Carnival Court Backpackers! With a fully-functioning hostel, two enormous balconies on the first and second floors, and a spacious dance floor, the backpackers is a perfect party spot.


Tel 021-423-9003, email [email protected]

Fiction Bar

guide-to-long-street-cape town-nightlife 2

Fiction Bar has a kiff alternative vibe.

 Image from  allincapetown

You’ve done the club-hopping / crawling and found that everything is the same. The DJs are clones who play the same boring jams, the crowd is sending lame vibes and the drinks taste like piss. If that’s how you feel, then a bit of Fiction is exactly what you need. With a great line-up of the coolest techno and drum n ‘ bass Djs, awesome indie groups and a chilled alternative ambience, Fiction will have you dancing all night.


Tel 021-424-5709, email [email protected]

Main photo from jaded one

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