6 top dog-friendly hiking trails around South Africa

Posted on 17 November 2021

Everything is better with dogs, especially exploring the many hiking trails of South Africa. While there are many mountain routes and pathways in South Africa, not all are suitable for our favourite furry friends. If you are an avid hiker and a dog owner, this list is for you.

1. Cecilia Forest, Cape Town

The Cecilia Forest hiking trail is located on the famous Table Mountain in Cape Town. A hike through Cecilia Forest entails trickling streams, lush greenery and plenty of shade cover. This trail is peaceful and not too strenuous for both people and their furry companions.

2. Kranskloof, North West

Picture: Welcome Lishivha

The hiking trail through Kranskloof Nature Reserve offers pristine mountain views and plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Both dogs and their owners will enjoy this challenging hike.

For more information visit Kranskloof Hiking Trails.

3. Newlands Forest, Cape Town

Newlands Forest is a conservancy area located on Table Mountain in Cape Town. The forest provides a beautiful pathway, approximately 3.4 kilometres in distance through the mountain that can be enjoyed by two and four-legged hikers alike. The forest is perfect for a leisurely stroll owing to its gentle flowing streams and tranquil atmosphere.

4. Huddle Park nature trails, Johannesburg

Credit: Amy Humphries/Unsplash

Huddle Park nature reserve is a golf and recreation park located in Johannesburg. The reserve offers nature walks with pets as well as other engaging activities. Trails vary in distance, ranging from 1.6-kilometre routes to 20-kilometre routes. The duration of each trail varies from two hours to a full day of walking.

For more information visit Huddle Park Golf and Recreation.

5. Elephants Eye, Cape Town

Picture: Pavel Tcholakov

Elephants Eye is located on Constantiaberg Mountain in Cape Town. Famous for the giant cave that imitates the eye socket of an elephant skull, this hiking trail is filled with excitement. The trail is an estimated 5.3 kilometres in distance and takes about two hours to complete. Its trails are completely safe for dogs, making it the perfect hike for dog owners who love going on adventures with their beloved furry companions.

6. Umhlanga lagoon hiking trail, Kwazulu Natal

Picture: Wikimedia Commons/JMK

The nature reserve around Umhlanga Lagoon is peaceful and scenic, making it a popular attraction for nature lovers. The Umhlanga Lagoon nature reserve contains a 2.1-kilometre loop trail that allows people to circle the area and admire the lagoon from all angles.

For more information visit Umhlanga Rocks Tourism.

Picture: Dominik Kempf/Unsplash


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