Tips for spring flower viewing in Namaqualand

Posted by Sarah Isaacs on 25 August 2011

My first memories of Namaqualand are evenings spent with my folks watching the Afrikaans series Manakwalanners. I couldn’t understand a word the characters were saying and their pained expressions convinced me that Namaqualand was a fun-less place filled with old people.

Until recently I’d done nothing to challenge my misconception. I’d been impressed by photographs of the beautiful blooms that – against all odds – paint the desert in brilliant colour. But the Namaqualand remained that bland place somewhere far away from home, with little to offer beyond daisies and koeksisters.

On a stopover in Springbok, coming home from Namibia, my perception changed. It was a couple of weeks before the flowers were expected to open and there was a palpable buzz in the air. Far from the upside down smiles I’d come to expect from Namakwalanders, the people I met in Springbok were visibly excited. It was nearing August and the town would soon be packed with flower-hungry visitors from ‘all over the world’, according to our smiling host. The smile won me over. I made a booking at Pedroskloof Guest Farm and four weeks later I was in the Namaqua National Park exclaiming, ‘this is blooming magnificent!’

Five tips for a fuller flower experience

1.   If you’re heading as far north as Kamieskroon or Springbok, August is the best month to go (September if you’re sticking to the Cape). Although it maxed out at 12 °C when we were there, the sun managed to pry reluctant petals open, revealing candy fields of Dutch orange and smaller pockets of pink, yellow, purple and white.

2.   The Namaqua National Park is a must see but don’t feel restricted. The town of Kamieskroon was bursting with colour and there are dozens of smaller fields shooting off the N1 (if you’re not afraid to scale the odd fence).

3.   Get a bug’s eye view. Lying on your back underneath the flowers offers a wonderful perspective and makes for interesting photographs.

4.   Go with friends. Namaqualand isn’t just for family getaways or aging couples. Pack the Pimm’s and lemonade (provided you have a designated driver) and embrace a little silliness.

5.   Don’t get too distracted by panoramic views of flowering fields. God is in the detail, as they say, so get your face up close. There’s nothing quite so perfect as the inside of a daisy.


Pedroskloof Guest Farm
Mariaan Archer on 027-672-1666

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