Inverdoorn: An intimate safari experience

Posted on 4 March 2020

The tips of our fingers tell the story of who we are. Those faint undulating waves, so easily disregarded, are uniquely formed based on the positions of an embryo while still in the womb. More unique than DNA, your fingerprint sets you apart in a world that often celebrates uniformity.

Just like a fingerprint, every African zebra has its own unique look. Their stripe pattern is their own special form of identity, ensuring that no two zebras will ever look the same. It’s a small marvel, yet so amazing.

Seemingly minor facts like this is part of what makes safaris so unique. There’s a grounding, a return to basics deeply involved in the process. It’s why people travel far and wide to experience an authentic African safari.

Its easy for travellers to become spoilt for choice with the many wildlife destinations available in the country. If you’re looking for that personal touch, look no further than Inverdoorn.

Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve is a stunning luxury Big 5 wildlife destination nestled in the Tankwa Karoo near Sutherland. Only 2.5 hours outside of Cape Town, Inverdoorn’s 10 000 hectares are decorated with lush, arid vegetation and modern lodging.

Credit: Kirsten Jacobs

At Inverdoorn, guests are treated to a more intimate safari experience. There are two game drives in a day: an early 6.30am trip and one late afternoon 5pm ride. Both are designed to showcase the native wildlife. The Big 5 all call Inverdoorn home, and its highly likely you’ll witness them all during your stay at this reserve.

These game drives definitely work up an appetite. Luckily, breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, allowing you to have your fill and then some.

The rest of your time in between set eating hours and game drives is yours. Cool off beside the relaxing pool, take a nap in your air-conditioned room or even drive out to explore the area more.

Credit: Kirsten Jacobs

Women are at the helm of this reserve, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Fearless leader Anna runs a tight ship, and it’s clear that her guidance has taken Inverdoorn to new heights. Vanessa is our game ranger for the trip: a tall, beautiful blonde smashing stereotypes with every sharp turn she takes on our journey. Vanessa is insanely well-informed, spouting out a laundry-list of interesting facts about every animal we come across.

Credit: Instagram / Inverdoorn

Credit: Kirsten Jacobs

One of the reserve’s key attractions, their cheetah rehabilitation programme, addresses worrying wildlife statistics. There are only 7500 cheetahs remaining worldwide. To play a role in global cheetah conservation and ensure the survival and sustainability of the species in the wild, Inverdoorn hosts their own Cheetah Conservation programme. Founded in 2001, the project rehabilitates cheetahs and allows guests to connect with these beautiful creatures. Since its inception, seven cheetahs have been released – two of which were released onto the Inverdoorn game reserve but have since passed away from old age.

Their daily cheetah run helps train the animals for their release by teaching them to hunt while strengthening their muscles in the process. The cheetahs chase a lure down a runway of up to 120km/h, and they are rewarded with some delicious food as the crowd observes from a safe distance on the observation deck.

Credit: Instagram / Inverdoorn Safari

Your trip is not complete without meeting Inverdoorn’s most famous resident: Harry the ostrich. Born with a skew beak, Harry is a special sight. Some guests have been treated to his mating dance. For our group, however, Harry was a bit too distracted by one guest’s shiny jewellery and attempted, not very stealthily, to grab it.

Credit: Kirsten Jacobs

A stay at Inverdoorn is a unique experience. Paired-down and relaxing, its the ultimate way to truly celebrate our natural wildlife.

If you’re interested in visiting this incredible game reserve, check out their website:


Image: Kirsten Jacobs

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