Top adventure documentaries and vlogs to add to your watchlist

Posted on 19 April 2024 By Savanna Douglas

With a large bowl of popcorn and a line-up of top travel documentaries and vlogs in tow, embark on an epic adventure from the comfort of your couch…

Best adventure doccies & vlogs

Here’s a list of the top adventure documentaries and vlogs worth getting stuck into this weekend:

Anything by Werner Herzog, really

Renowned German director Werner Herzog’s style is all about diving deep.

He’s got an intense curiosity and a knack for finding extraordinary characters, and tackling subjects that others might shy away from. Herzog’s films often have a strong focus on nature, the depth and beauty of people, and the far-flung destinations of our planet. His signature voiceovers are reason enough to watch any one of his documentaries.

The White Diamond, 2004.

Into The Inferno, 2016


Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach are just regular guys who got bored. So they decided to hit the road. Tagging along with their cameraman, Andre Dupuis, this series captures their journey through amazing places like Jordan, India, and Cambodia.

Departures, 2008.

Yes Theory

Yes Theory is a group of friends and content creators who seek discomfort – in all shapes and forms – to find personal growth. They do so in far-flung adventures around the world, documenting their journey on YouTube. From travelling the globe’s most dangerous road to walking across a country without a map and exploring forgotten space colonies – the adventures appear endless.

Yes Theory, Youtube.

Dark Tourist

New Zealand journalist David Farrier shares a fresh perspective on adventure with his dark tourism series on Netflix. Each episode sees him trekking to the globe’s weirdest and often eeriest destinations that are historically associated with death and tragedy – not for the faint of heart, but interesting nevertheless. Farrier’s adventures include documenting a death-worshipping cult in Mexico, a radiation tour in Fukushima and a vampire meet-up in New Orleans.

Dark Tourist, 2018.

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