Airlink resumes flights to St Helena Island: 3 things to do

Posted on 17 October 2022 By Tsoku Maela

Airlink’s scheduled service between South Africa and St Helena Island has been resumed as of 15 October. The airline’s services to the remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean have increased from fortnightly to weekly trips.

‘We are delighted that weekly flights will resume to the island following the suspension during the pandemic. St Helena offers the perfect getaway for the post-pandemic traveller looking to escape the crowds and we look forward to meeting the demand from travellers wanting to experience one of the most remote inhabited islands on the planet,’ said Matt Joshua, Head of St Helena Tourism

The island has been open to visitors for a few months now following the government’s decision to lift all COVID-19 entry regulations from August 2022. Hosting some of the most beautiful volcanic peaks, protected national parks, and world-class diving sites, here are a few things you can add to your itinerary.

1. Diving and snorkelling

3 things to do in St. Helena Island

In St Helena, the waters are clear, warm and teeming with colourful marine life. A dive below will have you discover numerous reefs, caves and eight wrecks to explore.  It can be enjoyed all year round but the best time for visibility is between December and May, which is also peak season for whale shark sightings.

2. Dolphin watching

Picture: Barbara Louw

Dolphins and whales are a common sight around St Helena between June and December. Pantropical spotted dolphins as well as bottlenose dolphins sometimes appear in huge pods several hundred strong, which is quite a sight! The best up-close viewing can be done by taking a boat trip. For a closer look at the whale sharks, it’s even possible to snorkel with them between January and March. Keep an eye out for turtles and rays too!

3. Jacob’s Ladder, Jamestown

3 things to do in St. Helena Island

Built in 1829, Jacob’s Ladder in Jamestown, St Helena Island, was originally used as a tramway to haul manure up and goods down. In 1871 the current 699 steps were added. Photo: David Stanley/Flickr 

With a total of 699 steps, Jacob’s Ladder connects the valley grounds to a fort on top of the hill. The steep stairway clambers up a rocky slope, with dizzying views of the sea and island. The ladder was once just a rope, but now the repaired stairs each measure approximately 30 cm high and deep. Lighting at night makes it possible to climb.

The island continues to champion sustainability and was recently named the best eco-location and sustainable tourism destination in the 2022 World Commerce Review awards. Selected by an expert panel, the award recognises destinations that have placed the environment at the heart of their tourism programmes, with St Helena being commended for their innovation, expertise, and excellence in this field.

Flights are available at and through all IATA-registered travel agents.

For more tourism information about St Helena, including Covid-19 entry requirements, visit

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