BA and other airlines promote pangolin conservation

Posted on 17 January 2020

British Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines will soon be screening the ground-breaking documentary Eye of the Pangolin on their long-haul flight routes.

The 45-minute film tells the story of two South African filmmakers, Bruce Young and Johan Vermeulen, who travel the continent to find the four different species of the elusive African pangolin – the most trafficked animal on Earth. Along the way they also meet the people who are trying to save the creatures, which are now on the edge of extinction.

Pangolin.Africa, the non-profit organisation that co-produced the documentary, are in talks with various other airlines to include the film in their in-flight entertainment programmes. The documentary was originally released for free YouTube in 2019.

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Pangolin scales are in high demand in Asia for use in traditional medicine, while pangolin meat is considered a delicacy in some parts. The scales actually have no real medicinal benefits. Keratin is the protein found in pangolin scales which is the same protein found in human fingernails.

Onboard screenings are set to run from February this year to coincide with World Pangolin Day on 15 February. This will be supported by social media campaigns targeting potential travellers at the major international airports from which the participating airlines operate.

Pangolin.Africa is inviting other international airlines to also ‘come on board’ and join Team Pangolin in this global conservation initiative.

Visit for details.

Image: Gary Parker / Getaway Gallery 


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