Black rhinos relocated to Tanzania

Posted on 13 September 2019

Nine critically endangered black rhino have been relocated from South Africa to the Grumeti concession in Tanzania.

This relocation is the largest movement of rhino into Tanzania and has increased the national population by nearly 10%. The nine join two eastern black rhinos which had been relocated previously.

The relocation took place as part of a partnership between the Grumeti Fund, a non-profit, conservation development organisation, and the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority. The purpose of the move is to restore the decimated rhino population in Tanzania, which has been hunted to near extinction.


From approximately 10,000 animals in 1970, it is estimated that there are only 100 eastern black rhino in Tanzania today. The relocated rhinos were carefully selected based on their age and genetic composition, which would aid in establishing a healthy breeding population in the Serengeti.

‘We strongly believe that you can’t put a price on the survival of a species, so the Grumeti Fund will continue to fundraise, invest and work tirelessly with our partners to see black rhino thriving safely in the Serengeti ecosystem,’ said Stephen Cunliffe, Executive Director of the Grumeti Fund.

The rhino were transported from South Africa to Tanzania via a chartered 747 cargo plane, followed by a light aircraft to the Grumeti concession. They have been safely housed in a secure location and will be released into the wild as soon as they acclimate acclimatise.

Image Source: Singita

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