Cape Town SPCA robbed during Load Shedding

Posted on 16 July 2023 By Tsoku Maela

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Cape Town is facing devastation after its veterinarian shop in Gabriel Road, Plumstead, fell victim to a robbery and ransacking during a four-hour load shedding period on Friday night.

Picture: OJ Koloti/Gallo Images

The incident occurred amidst Stage 6 load shedding, a measure implemented by Eskom on Thursday to replenish emergency reserves, resulting in prolonged power outages well into the weekend.

Belinda Abraham, the spokesperson for the SPCA, expressed deep concern over the audacity of criminals taking advantage of load shedding to commit the robbery. She highlighted that the organization was already dealing with significant challenges due to an increased demand for services, straining its existing resources to the maximum.

‘The full cost of the inverter we need to keep our security systems running during load shedding is beyond our means,’ added Abraham.

Apart from stealing an undisclosed amount of money, the thieves also made off with bags of dog food, damaged the computer modem tower, and stole all the keys in the shop. They took their time during the break-in, even consuming two-litre ice cream from the freezer and finishing a staff member’s yoghurt drink. Furthermore, they didn’t hesitate to steal staff belongings from the cupboards, causing extensive destruction to the property.

The incident was reported to the police, who are actively investigating the business break-in. So far, the robbers remain at large.

SPCA CEO Moyo Ndukwana emphasized the importance of vet shops as income-generating entities that support their crucial work with animals. He expressed disappointment in the lack of moral consciousness displayed by the perpetrators, who chose to target an organization serving the community’s needs.

In addition to the loss of cash takings and products, the SPCA now faces the costs of repairing the damaged shop structure and equipment. To prevent such incidents in the future, they plan to install a 5-kilowatt inverter.

The full extent of the damages incurred during the break-in is yet to be determined by the SPCA.

Authorities have urged anyone with information to come forward and report it to Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

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