Cape Town’s Carnival parade due to return on Saturday, 18 March 2023

Posted on 24 January 2023 By Olerato Ramafsi

The Cape Town Carnival parade is set to return to its former glory days following a two-year Covid related hiatus.

Cape Town, South Africa, A group of musicians use shopping trolleys to transport their drums to a place of work on the waterfront complex. (Picture by: Peter Titmuss/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Colourful costumes, floats, and artistic performances which will be catering for the whole family can be expected as the Cape Town parade returns to Green Point Fan Walk on 18 March.

Jay Dowes, Chief Executive Officer of the carnival, says they are elated to finally announce the return of the event back to the people.

‘It is so fabulous to be working again in the communities and working with creativity and we are looking forward to being back on the fan walk. It is amazing how much creativity comes out of our communities.’

Rachel Jaftha, chair of the Cape Town Carnival Trust, says on the day about 1 600 participants, from various communities across the city, will partake in the parade.

Jaftha says with this year’s theme being “Afr-energy”, spectators can look forward to an array of energetic and unique performances.

‘Our experience during the pandemic inspired the theme. We’ve learned how we can dig deep and find energy where we thought we had none and this is what the Cape Town Carnival community demonstrated, supporting each other and finding a way to survive and staying prepared for the carnival even though they didn’t know when it will happen again. It is this collective power that we celebrate in Afr-energy.’

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis says the City is a proud partner of the event.

‘Cape Town’s events scene, artistic expression is back with a bang. That is wonderful to see, we are proud supporters of this event and others that add so much texture, diversity, energy and excitement to our city. I cannot wait to watch the incredible show in a few weeks.’

Anroux Marais, Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, says the Cape Town Carnival is one of the spaces where the youth can give expression to their creative side.

‘Young creatives are given the opportunity to showcase their skills in the parade. It is also a joyous experience to see children watching the parade and seeing their faces light up even our older people. This is how we can bring hope to the people of our province through the power of the art sector. We must create the spaces that allow children to dream about their future in new and exciting ways.’

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