First African all-woman Everest team needs funding

Posted on 19 February 2020

Africa’s first-ever all-woman climbing team plan to tackle Mount Everest in 2020. Despite being only a few months away, they are still looking for urgent funding to ensure they can make it to the summit.

The four women, Lisa Gering, Alda Waddell, Deshun Deysel and Tumi Mphahlele are all athletes with extensive mountaineering experience. They have been planning to undertake the incredible feat of summiting the world’s tallest mountain in April/ May for two years.

The aim of the expedition is to inspire young women entrepreneurs to overcome metaphorical ‘mountains’ in their lives. According to the team, the motto of the expedition is the ‘courage to start and the strength to endure.’

Alda, Lisa and Tumi are hoping to climb to the summit. Deshun has decided to go as far as Base Camp, after a tragic loss in her family.

But climbing Everest, with the incredible logistics involved, does not come cheap. The team say they need R2.2 million to get Alda, Lisa and Tumi to the summit. This would cover their flights, accommodation, personal sherpas, oxygen, tents and other logistics.

‘It’s expensive to climb a big mountain,’ said Alda.

While some assistance and sponsorship has been given, including custom made down suits from K-Way that will be worn on the mountain, corporates have been unwilling or unable to contribute financial support to the team.

‘A lot of the answers we get is this is not in line with our strategy,’ said Tumi. Other explanations have been regarding the tough economic climate which makes it difficult to fund such expeditions.

The funding is needed by the end of February, otherwise the team will not be able to attempt this historic first for the continent this year.

If you would like to contribute to this record-breaking expedition, you can contribute via the teams GoFundMe page.

Image: Supplied 

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