Flight attendant serenades passengers

Posted on 7 February 2020

Passengers on an Air New Zealand flight were pleasantly surprised when they were serenaded by one of their flight attendants in late January this year.

The flight attendant took over the PA system and named Cecilia Tufuga urged passengers to sing along with her to the ’70s Simon & Garfunkel hit with the same name, ‘Cecilia’.

Afterwards, she resumed her duties as if nothing were out of the ordinary, cheerfully preparing the passengers for their safety briefing.

‘We flew with Cecillia last weekend from Nelson,’ commented Tania Price, a passenger who saw the video later. ‘Great vocals!! Loved the vibe in our small plane, you made our trip home a happy one.’

Tufuga’s beautiful singing and serenading surprise has inspired other Air New Zealand flight attendants to liven up the flights they service. In another video posted by the airline, Air New Zealand praised Christen Goldy, ‘another rising star’ among its cabin crew who decided to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ in English and then Japanese.

You can check out this clip posted online to hear Cecilia Tufuga’s golden voice:


Feature image: Screenshot via Air New Zealand

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