‘Die FlySafair is a Quantum’ passenger has fellow travellers in stitches about size of seats

Posted on 28 February 2024 By Savanna Douglas

A South African social media user had his fellow FlySafair passengers in stitches as he vocalised his struggles fitting into the airline’s seating. 

A local man’s video recently went viral on social media, as he recorded an ordeal with trying to fit into Flysafair’s seats, as a larger individual.

TikTok user @micarlolm took to the social media platform on Monday, with a video that has amassed over 350 000 views.

In the video, the TikToker addresses the uncomfortable scenario of being too big to fit into the airline’s seats, with his two friends in tow.

“Weet julle wat. Ek sit nou in FlySafair, maar God weet ek is so dik, en ek het nog twee dik sisters hier langs my.”

The quick-quipping passenger then goes on to liken the airline to South Africa’s fabled Quantum taxis, with larger travellers having to squish to fit in a row, like three very tight peas in a pod.

The man – who impresses commenters with his swift accent change-ups throughout the video – keeps the jokes rolling, adding that the airline doesn’t need belts, they’re the airbags.

“We don’t even need a belt, we are airbags.”

The viral video ends with the South African appealing to the airline for more spacious seating, as he requests three extra extended belts.

“Hello ma’am, could I have an extended belt, please? I may not need it, but I do. Make it three perhaps.”


@micarlolm This was Problematic I tell you. Placing three chubby persons in the same seat.😬😅🙄 #flysafair #sama28 #tiktok #tiktoksa #viraltiktok #SAMA28 #coloured ♬ original sound – micarlolm

Commenters were quick to leave their two cents:


Natasha Lethabo Mopalami wrote: “Sense of humour 👏🏾 accent versatility 👏🏾”

🇿🇦📍🇺🇸 S-A Queen-TAGGED said: “All 11 official languages in one accent 🤣🥺🥺🥺 extended belt 😂😂😂”

Miłan🇿🇦Alt Indie Artist joked: “This guy is the South African we should all aspire to be 🇿🇦 I love SA ! This is Captain South Africa 😂💚🤝”


Chatting to IOL – who first covered the viral video – Kirby Gordon, FlySafair’s spokesperson, confirmed that the airline’s seating is standard pitch for an economy configuration on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Gordon says:

“In fact ours are a little more spacious than other options because we invested in the slim framed aluminium seats. The frames are made from a thinner but very strong aluminium so the seat itself actually has a smaller profile allowing for more space for the person setting in it.”


“Investing in custom-made especially narrow seats to torment larger customers would cost us extra and that’s not the low-cost model. Also we do actually want people to be comfortable,”

Gordon also notes that if a passenger is on the larger side, and knows they might struggle to fit into the airline’s seats comfortably, they have to option of purchasing the blocked seat option for extra room.

“If a customer is really unable to fit into a seat, they generally know about it before they arrive, and they purchase the blocked seat option for the extra room,” comments Gordon, continuing:

“As per the video, they then request the extra seatbelt extenders to get the belts around them. If there are vacant seats open, crew will try to accommodate larger people, for their comfort and for those seated around them, but generally larger folk will do the responsible thing for their comfort and book that service to block the middle seat.”




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