Frisky dolphin causes swimming ban

Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 29 August 2018

A frisky bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Zafar is creating waves near the Breton city of Brest on the coast of France, so much so, that the mayor had to ban swimmers from entering the water.

Mayor Roger Lars says he issued the ban to protect people’s security after a number of bathers had been scared.

Zafar, who is three metres long, was initially a delight to be around and entertained children, swimmers and kayakers with his antics. But then he became a little too friendly and began rubbing up against bathers and boats, even in shallow waters.

The Le Telegramme website said the dolphin was not aggressive but rather too frisky.



A month ago, a swimmer had to be brought back to shore in a rescue boat after Zafar blocked her from swimming back. In another incident, a kayaker said the mammal leapt right over his head and was overly excited to interact with him. And the final incident that caused the most controversy is when Zafar tossed a young female swimmer up into the air with his nose.

Considering this behaviour, Lars decided it was in the town’s best interest to ban diving and swimming near Landévennec. The mayor had also banned people from getting closer than 50 metres to the extra-friendly dolphin.

On Monday, it was reported by local media that Zafar has moved away from the shore, and the ban has been lifted – until he returns.


Picture: Pixabay