Government to waive visas for ‘new tourism markets’

Posted on 16 October 2020 By Anita Froneman

Government will implement e-visas and extend visa waivers to certain countries to encourage international tourism, President Cyril Ramaphosa said during his national address on October 15.

The countries eligible for these have not yet been revealed.

Government to waive visas for 'new tourism markets'

Certain countries will be able to visit South Africa visa-free or apply for e-visas.

‘Although international tourist travel is likely only to recover in the medium term, our efforts are now focused on implementing an efficient e-visa system and extending visa waivers to new tourism markets,’ Ramaphosa said.

On September 30, a list of countries banned from entering South Africa was announced – the list would be reviewed and updated every fortnight, government said. A new list has not been released yet, but Ramaphosa assured citizens that it will soon be published.

‘To support tourism over this peak tourism season, we will shortly be publishing an expanded list of countries from where resumption of international travel will be permitted, which will be supported by targeted marketing in partnership with the private sector,’ Ramaphosa added.

He further urged South Africans to support local tourism and explore the country as the festive season approaches.

The president also had an encouraging message for the nation. ‘In the aftermath of a fire, green shoots begin to emerge. The ashes enrich the soil, and new life takes root to replace what was lost.  Our country is emerging from one of the most difficult periods in living memory.’

But as South Africans, we have a deep reservoir of resilience to draw upon. We have endured much, and have always emerged stronger and more united.’

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Picture: Unsplash

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