Highbury Media relaunches Getaway Magazine

Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 14 September 2020

South Africa’s most iconic travel brand has been relaunched. Announcing the move, Highbury Media, who own the title, said it was a reinvention and reboot for both the magazine and the digital presence.

‘New Getaway is sharper, more contemporary, younger and relevant to a broad, multi-platform audience looking for leisure as well as travel and adventure content’, said Highbury’s Head of Travel, Peter Frost. ‘COVID was – and remains – a tragedy for many businesses, publishing most especially. But there was a silver lining for us; it offered an opportunity to look at Getaway and ask some important questions about what we wanted to achieve with it.

‘The new approach plays to our traditional strengths (touring, conservation, photography, wilderness) and add new takes on food, adventure, motoring, activity-based travel and downtime in the cities. The look is fresh, the approach is lateral as well as expert and the reader hopefully comes away not only informed, also entertained, inspired and intrigued.’

Anton Crone takes the helm as editor, bringing with him a strong digital and adventure background. A veteran photographer and journalist, he was previously a co-creator of the digital platform safarious.com

‘There are few jobs in travel as exciting as this one, and the fact that we’re reimagining Getaway right now makes for an even more compelling challenge. I look forward to expanding new ideas, non-negotiable excellence and broadening Getaway’s traditional audience. The intention is to make sure it not only survives, but prospers in our ever-changing travel and leisure environment.’

The October issue is on sale now.

For editorial enquires, contact Anton Crone – [email protected]

For advertising queries contact Ryan Nicole – [email protected]


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