Holiday-hungry Brits only to travel overseas in August

Posted on 29 March 2021

British residents have reportedly been warned that overseas travel will only be allowed in August 2021 at the earliest.

Holiday-hungry Brits only to travel overseas in August the earliest

According to The Times, a government official source told them “overseas travel in June was very optimistic”. The source added that “August is looking like the most likely moment.”

Today, March 29, a new law will come into force prohibiting people from leaving England before June 30 without a valid reason. People who break this law will be fined up to £5,000.

Once restrictions have been lifted Brits will only be able to travel to countries with high vaccination rates and no virus mutations.

According to The Sun, a Whitehall official mentioned that there will be a system of travel corridors to green-lit countries with good vaccination rates.

When people return from these green-lit countries they will have to take a lateral flow test that will have their results ready within 15 minutes of testing.

Ministers are reportedly considering a three-tiered warning system that will have holiday destinations divided into Covid zones alongside the lateral flow tests. This way people with vaccine passports or recent test results will be allowed to fly out and return safely too.

PICTURE: Unsplash


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