Italians sing from their balconies to raise morale

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 15 March 2020

The sudden coronavirus outbreak may have left Italy on lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped local residents from taking to their balconies to join together in song.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte placed the country’s 60 million residents under a nationwide lockdown in an effort to ease the burden on its struggling hospital system, leaving only banks, pharmacies, and certain grocery stores open. Despite being placed under lockdown, new videos of Italian residents singing from their balconies prove that the country’s spirits are as strong as ever.

In a video shared by Twitter user John Nichols, you can see a number of people fill up their individual balconies as they join together in song.

This was not an isolated incident either, in the city of Siena, local residents had the same idea in mind. Twitter user Valemercurri posted this video on Friday evening.

Twitter user Max Howroute also posted a video which has already accumulated 1.6 million views asking if the US would follow the Italians in song.

These videos prove that even in the worst of times, humans will always find a way to come together and connect with each other.

Image: Pixabay

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