Kloof frog spotted near Roosfontein Nature Reserve

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 25 May 2020

Spotting a frog in nature is a luck but to see an endangered Kloof frog guarding its eggs, in an area it has never been seen in before, is an absolute rarity. Kloof frogs are on the IUCN’s Red List.

Reptile and amphibian conservationist, Nick Evans, shared an exciting discovery that a friend of his, Calvin Bradley, had made behind his home in Dawncliffe, Westville near the Roosfontein Nature Reserve.

After receiving a call, accompanied by a few pictures, Evans knew they had come across something out of the ordinary. Not only did Bradley manage to capture the rare creature on camera, Evans believes it to be the first ever recorded Kloof frog in Westville.

The Kloof Frog is found in parts of the Eastern Cape. Unfortunately, Durban’s upper highways are also an unwanted hotspot for these creatures.

After receiving the images Evans quickly made his way to the property and the two set off to the site where the Kloof frog was spotted.

‘We ventured upstream, and found a perfect breeding site. No eggs, but we found an adult specimen. We will definitely survey the area more extensively in spring! These frogs do breed for a long time, longer than most.’ Evans said in a Facebook post.

While the Kloof frog was spotted near Roosfontein Nature Reserve, it technically wasn’t in the reserve itself, but Evans believes this find could a play a huge role in conserving the area in the future.

An exciting discovery- Kloof Frogs, in Westville!Last weekend, my friend Calvin Bradley was exploring the stream…

Gepostet von Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer am Freitag, 22. Mai 2020

Image Credit: Facebook/ Nick Evans

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