Leopard euthanised after attacking employee in Kruger National Park

Posted on 19 July 2022 By Taylah Strauss

A leopard was euthanised after what is suspected to be its second attack on an employee in Kruger National Park.

Skukuza entrance. Credit: Pavel Špindler/Wikimedia Commons

The Kruger Shalati employee was on his way to work on 17 July when he was attacked. He managed to fight off the leopard and shouted for help, but sustained severe but not life-threatening injuries.

The Rangers Corps and Airwing immediately launched a search for the leopard. It was spotted 30m from where the attack occurred and was euthanised. This is the second time an employee has been attacked by a leopard recently and it is suspected to be by the same animal.

‘Since the first incident every effort had been made to try to capture the leopard but without success. Given the location of the incident, we suspect that the destroyed leopard is the same animal responsible for the first attack but we can never be sure. Residents and employees must be extra vigilant and avoid walking alone at all times,’ said head ranger Cathy Dreyer.

The leopard was transported to a state veterinarian for a necropsy.

‘We were shocked by this tragic incident; we are very relieved that our colleague survived this ordeal. We, together with the management team at the concession, are committed to his recovery and will support the process in both physical and emotional wellbeing by all means,’ said Jerry Mabena, the CEO of Motsamayi Tourism Group.

‘This incident is a reminder to all that wild animals in their natural habitat act on nature’s rules – we remain respectful to our presence in their territory, while ensuring the safety of our staff as well as the conservation we are here to protect as concessionaires,’ he added.



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