Lioness and cubs spotted in Marloth Park

Posted by Anita Froneman on 22 May 2020

Sometimes when going on safari, it involves hours of fruitless driving around without so much as a meerkat. Other times, the safari comes to you!

A lioness and her cubs were recently seen wandering about Marloth Park, a town that borders the Kruger National Park.

Gerrie Camacho from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) expressed his concern and sent out a warning urging residents to refrain from going outside with the predators on the loose, as the lioness will be especially aggressive with her cubs around her.

‘The lioness will be very protective of her cubs and can easily turn on humans if she feels threatened,’ he told The Lowvelder. He added that MTPA’s capture team would attempt a capture once the animals were in a suitable spot and removed to the safety of the Park.

Take a look at mom and youngsters out on the town, captured by security footage from property owner Murray Broad in Tarrentaal street close to the Crocodile River:

‘MTPA will do its best to see that the lions are removed in a professional operation, but it needs everyone’s support by reporting any sightings immediately, and also by respecting the temporary “no-go” pedestrian areas as indicated by the different security alerts,’ Camacho added.

Image credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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