Lions roam Skukuza golf course

Posted on 15 April 2020 By Anita Froneman

Who doesn’t like a good round of golf every now and then? A few lions from the Kruger National Park roamed the Skukuza golf course while there were no humans around.

Jean Rossouw, course superintendent of Skukuza Golf Club is doing his part to maintain the course and was lucky to capture the animals on camera:

‘Even as the sun rises, without all our human visitors, the urge to sing the “lion sleeps tonight” is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away!’ the golf club posted on its Facebook page.

A skulking hyena also visited.

The past few weeks have been hard work, doing maintenance work on the infrastructure of the golf course, and keeping it green and healthy while all my colleagues are under lock down with their families,’ says Rossouw.

‘While many around the world have documented the return of wildlife to normally human occupied spaces during this lockdown, my experience while conducting my day-to-day duties on the golf course has been similar. Once people have vacated the space, the lush lawns and waterways provided by the course, has served as a perfect playgroup [playground] for a wealth of animals.

‘I have been fortunate to come across some truly breath taking animal sightings. I have witnessed lions, herds of zebras (usually too shy to come to the course to drink), rare antelopes, and even the odd wild dog pack visiting the course.’

Images: Jean Rossouw

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