Lufthansa launches carbon sustainability platform

Posted on 29 August 2019

German airline group Lufthansa has launched “Compensaid”, a new tool that shows travellers the climatic effects of their flights to the environment.

CO2 neutral, synthetic fuel is thought to be one of the most promising alternatives for making the future of aviation climate-neutral, but high costs and the limited quantities can prove difficult to implement in industries.

Compensaid is a sustainability platform which focuses on CO2 neutral aviation fuels, functions as a tracking tool for flights across all airlines worldwide and making it possible to directly offset your own CO2 emissions.

Travellers can use Compensaid to get a detailed evaluation of their entire travel history, which includes flight distance, time and destinations, as well as the efficiency of the respective aircraft types, individual fuel consumption, and the associated CO2 emissions.

Then flyers can choose between two methods for offsetting their carbon footprint.

Two options for CO2 offsetting:

Travellers can either use Compensaid to support a reforestation project in Nicaragua to attempt to reduce CO2 emissions over the long term or thye can choose to pay a surcharge to replace the fossil fuel of their flights with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) .

The platform calculates the market-based surcharge in comparison to fossil kerosene and then those willing to pay this surcharge can use it to cover their individual kerosene consumption with the climate-neutral fuel.

The Lufthansa Group continues to pay the basic rate for the kerosene. The SAF purchased as part of the offsetting process will be deployed on Lufthansa flights within a six-month period. In this way, airline passengers can reduce up to 80% of their CO2 emissions.

‘Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a ground-breaking way to produce sustainable kerosene,’ said Thorsten Luft, Head of Fuel Management at Lufthansa Group.

Flyers can use the first test version of Compensaid which launched online at the beginning of August. Plans are in the works to expand the partner network for offsetting and to extend the service to all means of transport and their CO2 emissions.

Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate has partnered with Lufthansa Group in the field of voluntary CO2 offsetting to manage the group’s corporate fuel management with the help of fuel experts who’ll purchase certified alternative fuel globally and supply it to Lufthansa flight operations.

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