Mambas visit Crocworld in KwaZulu-Natal

Posted on 7 October 2020

Increased snake activity has had James Wittstock, reptile curator at Crocworld Conservation Centre, busy with a number of snake rescue calls, two of which were mambas.

Recently, team members from Umzinto Water Works reported sightings of a black mamba in a bathroom. Wittstock managed to carefully remove the 2.45m male snake and take it back to the centre before it was released.

Five days later, he was called out to Renishaw farm in Scottburgh by another Crocworld Conservation Centre employee who happened to be on site.

‘There were men cutting the grass and they noticed a green mamba coiled around a reed, at about eye-level,’ recalled Wittstock, who took the opportunity to educate the men about this particular snake species. The 1.96m male green mamba was also taken back to the centre before being safely released into a natural habitat.

‘DNA samples of both snakes were taken to contribute to an ongoing study on black and green mamba genetics. For more information about local KZN South Coast snake species, visit or the ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ Facebook page. Crocworld Conservation Centre offers a free service of identifying and removing snakes for the communities of Scottburgh, Umkomaas, Pennington and Park Rynie.’

Wittstock and Tourism Assistant Mdu Nunwana after successfully capturing the Green Mamba

Wittstock with the Black Mamba, note the inner black mouth is where the Black Mamba gets its name from, as the snake is not black in colour rather a grey to brown colour.

Wittstock and Smilo Nyawose after just successfully capturing the 2.45m Male Black Mamba

For more information or assistance, contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103 or Martin Rodrigues on 078 484 1859 or James Wittstock on 066 292 0880.

Pictures: Facebook/Crocworld

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