Mango Airlines launches innovative rewards programme

Posted on 16 July 2019

Mango Airlines has announced the launch of GoRewards™ – a programme set to change the landscape of airline rewards. The decision to launch the programme followed on from the airline’s strategy to find a way of adding tangible value for passengers’ money.

Mango Airlines rewards programme

Acting Mango CEO Marelize Labuschagne said in a statement that ‘it is exciting to be the first Airline in Africa to offer a rewards programme of this nature. Where most reward programmes are designed to motivate consumers to be brand loyal over an extended period of time, GoRewards™ offers instant rewards.

‘For every flight you book, you are entitled to three rewards up to the value of R2,000. If you book a return flight you get double the rewards. And a family of four flying on return tickets can enjoy rewards up to R16,000.’

The rewards are experience-based and are divided into six categories: entertainment, days out, dining, fashion, pamper options, and accommodation.

Labuschagne adds, ‘For example, for all our passengers paying for tickets as of July 15 they will be rewarded with personalised options such as a restaurant or spa voucher, tickets to local sports games and shows, movies, adventures, and experiences for the whole family.

‘There are hundreds of experiences to choose from, and the rewards are valid for one month after the flight date. This applies to first time flyers on Mango too.’

What sets GoRewards™ apart is that ticket holders can access their rewards within 24 hours of making a payment. It is completely digital, not another plastic card to add to your bulging wallet. After your flight an SMS or email is sent to you with a unique code which is used on a microsite,

Mango is the first low-cost airline in South Africa to launch a rewards programme like this.

Labuschagne adds, ‘Our motivation behind launching GoRewards™ is to add to the excitement of travel, adventure and discovery. At Mango we live to inspire our guests to explore all corners of our beautiful county. It is our wish that our guests’ lives are enriched because of the adventure of travel.’


Image source: Facebook @FlyMangoSA

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