Mauritius offers ‘long-stay visa’ for a taste of extended island life

Posted on 7 December 2020

The Mauritian government has launched a new ‘Premium Long-Stay Visa’, which is likely to appeal to South Africans who wish to work remotely from the beautiful island destination.

According to Zainab Bouzaine, immigration specialist from XpatWeb, the visa will offer an escape from the rising COVID-19 numbers in South Africa, and give those who may want to retire in Mauritius an opportunity to really get a feel for island life.

‘The Mauritian government isn’t charging for this visa, and there aren’t any commitment fees associated with it,’ Bouzaine said to BusinessTech. ‘South Africans may enter Mauritius on a tourist visa and apply for the Premium Long-Stay Visa once they are there, or you can apply through the economic development board before departure. If you are eligible, can apply for the visa from 16 November 2020.’

One of the requirements of the visa, however, is that those who enter the country using it may not enter the local labour market. Another requirement also needs applicants to prove that they have enough income from a source outside of Mauritius to sustain living there.

Aside from standard emigration requirements, those who apply must also ensure they have health insurance and proof of accommodation for the duration of their stay. The visa will allow the holder to stay in Mauritius for 180 days, and after 183 days, will automatically become a tax resident of the island.

‘The Premium Long-Stay Visa is ideal for retirees who want to get distance from the pandemic, as well as people who do business remotely and have kids that can study remotely,’ Bouzaine said. ‘We also foresee that people who aren’t quite ready to commit to moving to Mauritius will make use of this extended stay Visa to get a better feel of what life on the island could be like.’

Image: Pixabay

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