Michigan boy rescued after harrowing two-day ordeal in remote wilderness

Posted on 11 May 2023 By Tsoku Maela

An eight-year-old boy who became lost in the secluded woodlands of Michigan managed to survive for two days by consuming snow and seeking refuge under a log for shelter.

Picture: Rachel Woolf/Getty Images

Nante Niemi disappeared on Saturday during a camping trip with his family at the Porcupine Mountains state park. While attempting to gather firewood, he inadvertently strayed from the path, triggering an extensive search operation involving 150 individuals dedicated to locating him.

Fortunately, on Monday, Nante was discovered safe and sound beneath a log, situated approximately two miles away from his camp. Michigan State Police stated, ‘He exhibited remarkable resilience by taking cover beneath a log, where he was ultimately found.’

The young boy informed the authorities that he sustained himself by ingesting clean snow to stay hydrated during his ordeal.

When the search began on Saturday, Nante’s mother expressed her gratitude for the support they received but appealed to everyone to refrain from joining the search, as it could hinder their efforts to locate her son.

The state police acknowledged that the terrain in the area is exceptionally secluded, characterized by steep hills and abundant standing water, particularly given the time of year. Numerous roads were rendered impassable due to the substantial snowfall.

The search team dedicated their efforts to an approximately 40 square mile (100 square km) region within the park, ultimately achieving success in locating the young boy.

Police have since reunited Nante with his family, bringing an end to this challenging episode.

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