Planning a trip to Moz now that beaches are open? All you need to know to cross the border

Posted on 24 September 2021 By Lauren Dold

With Mozambican beaches open from 25 September (at least until 5 PM), there’s no better time to start planning your December trip. Travel in the time of Covid can seem overwhelming, but if you have all the correct documentation, a negative Covid test and a positive attitude, crossing the border is, if not a breeze, certainly doable.

Massing beach in Mozambique

Beaches have been closed in Mozambique since January, but beaches will open just in time for the end of year tourist season. Coupled with the newly opened ring road around Maputo, there has never been a better time to travel to Mozambique.

If you’re planning a first time trip, consider joining DriveMoz, an organised group of seasoned travellers with all the travel updates, intel and shortcuts you could ever need. (Join the Facebook group DriveMoz).


Before you start dreaming of white sandy beaches, start thinking about where you’ve stashed your vehicle registration papers. If the vehicle is owned by the driver, an original or certified copy of the vehicle registration or vehicle license document must be presented at the border post. Documents can be certified in your country by the police.

If the vehicle is owned by someone other than the driver or is still being financed by the bank, the driver will need an affidavit or letter of authorization from the owner or bank allowing them to take the car across the border. This letter must include the driver’s full name, the country and travel dates, passport and ID number of the driver, ID number of the owner, vehicle registration number, as well as the engine and chassis number (found on the license disk) and must be certified by police.The registered owner must also provide a certified copy of their ID.

Regardless of whether the vehicle is insured, you must get Mozambican third party insurance (it is illegal for foreign registered vehicles to enter Mozambique without it.) While it is possible to purchase third party insurance at the border, it’s much easier to do online beforehand and can cost as little as R280. For more info on this, visit DriveMoz 

As always, make sure your driver’s license and passport are valid, with at least six month’s validity in your passport and a minimum of two blank pages. If you plan to tow a trailer, make sure that license is valid too.

Children under the age of 18 require an unabridged birth certificate to cross the border.

Travellers are also required to present a negative PRC test, within 72 hours of testing. Rapid tests are not accepted for entry into Mozambique. When exiting Mozambique, travellers are required to do a rapid test at the border, which takes less than 15 minutes to do and costs R300. You can pay for this test with a card.


All vehicles are required to carry the following safety accessories when crossing into Mozambique. Most of these items can be found at Makro or any outdoor or vehicle accessory shop.

  • 2x red emergency triangles
  • 2x neon yellow/green reflective vests
  • 1x black and white ‘ZA’ sticker (or other country of registration sticker) and must be placed so that they are visible at the back of the vehicle or trailer
  • Working vehicle fire extinguisher
    DriveMoz stickers for side mirror and back of car
    Blue and yellow triangle sticker (only for towing).


Remember to bring cash, of the cold hard variety. Not all bank cards work in Mozambique and cash is king in a lot of situations. While rands can be used in most places, the exchange rate is often poor and you’ll end up losing out. Exchange rands for meticals in South Africa if you can. You need to pay a 750MT (R174) fee for your temporary import permit, but if you don’t have mets officials will ask for R200. Toll gates within Mozambique must be paid in cash, and this can be either in rands, meticals or US dollars.

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